Online dating becomes more and more popular nowadays because, via the development of the internet and mobile phones, we can have access to it almost everywhere. In normal dating, we can meet only one partner at a time; it looks very silly otherwise. But, in online dating, the number of conversations that we can have at the same time with different people is only limited by our natural ability to think and type fast. No doubts that more and more people find their lovers online.

The more human technologies advance, the more possibilities there are for scammers who want to make money on gullible people. The scammers have always been around us, and they will be there till the end. This is why it is so important to know how to defend yourself against their frauds. Especially if you decided to search for lovers online and to use some other website instead of using romancecompass, Scammers and their frauds there are monitored by the administration. We made a list of the most popular online dating frauds to help you learn more and protect yourself against scammers.

  1. You meet the Goddess/God himself

When using dating websites, it is very easy to forget that you are not the only one here with emotions and wishes. If, on a dating website, you find yourself in a situation when people who text you behave like they love you to death and want to do everything for you., then you know that you are surrounded by scammers. Soon they will ask you to send them money to help them or their relatives cure a terrible disease.

  1. “I bought you a gift, but you have to pay for it”

Usually, scammers apply this fraud after having a conversation with you for some time. It can be a week or even a month. It all depends on how greedy this scammer is. In the beginning, it all looks nice a pleasant. You may even find yourself in love with this person. At some moment, your online partner tells you that he or she has bought you a gift. It can be anything, from a modern laptop to the antique masterpiece. It will be something that you have mentioned during your conversation, something that you want. But the only thing you need to do is to pay for transportation. Of course, after you make the payment, your partner disappears. Some are even more arrogant, and they keep asking you to send more money for various reasons.

  1. Yougetaninvitation

This also happens after you have been chatting for some time. Usually, this happens to men but sometimes to girls, too. Your partner invites you to his or her country. For girls, their “boyfriend” tells that he will compensate her all expenses. Of course, your partner would never allow you to struggle on your way to your mutual happiness. So, he or she says that they found a perfect travel company for you that will make sure that your visit to their country will be as pleasant as possible, and all you need to do is to pay some money to them. You probably already understand that, after the first payment, both your partner and his or her company will disappear together with your money.

  1. Ghostof the dating

This is probably the most popular dating fraud ever. Simply, Because it is the easiest one for scammers. Usually, you face this method if you use highly untrusted websites. In your search for new or cheaper dating websites, you should be very careful because some of those websites are inhabited only by scammers or their victims. Usually, behind those beautiful girls and handsome men hide completely different people. Their main goal is to spend as much of your free time on this particular dating website. They get money from the time they chat with you.

As you can see, scammers frauds usually are very complicated and smart. But it is enough just to be careful to avoid them.

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