Instagram is a powerful social media application which is getting more success all over the world. In fact, online marketing can be done easily on Instagram. Also, you can start your business online on Instagram but make sure that you are getting the higher engagement rates and a higher number of the audience towards your business profile. This can only be possible when you have a large number of followers. It means that the count of the people who see your posts on your profile. The audience will find you easily when your posts are visible to a large number of people because of the greater reach. There are also Some amazing Instagram Features that can also help in getting more organic reach on Instagram.

Here in this article, I will share with you how to can increase your reach on Instagram to get more engagements and drive more traffic and more sales as well.

How to Increase Your Reach on Instagram

1- Set Engagement as Your Primary Goal

Engagement is the first thing as a guide to your marketing strategy. Your reach will only increase first by the higher engagement rates. You should create that content that will attract more people to see your posts. Some of the popular content to increase the reach is Contests, Questioning about your brand, Giveaways and also call to action by tagging a friend. You can also increase your engagement rate by talking with your followers, liking their comments and their posts and also commenting on your posts.

2- Highlight User- Generated Content

Highlighting the User-generated content will increase the reach to a much higher level. People get excited and happy when you post their content on your feed. You are giving value to your followers by spotlighting their content. The conversation rate increases by 4.5% by user-generated content and it can increase even more by 9.6% when the user has participated in the post. With the help of this, a bond has been created between your brand and your followers.

3- Optimize Your Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to increase reach on your Instagram account. But keep this thing in mind very clear that you are using the right hashtags related to the content of the post. Choose the existing popular hashtags that are related to your brand and also relevant to your audience. The people who are interested in your posts will find your brand by the quality hashtags you used. Although there is a limit to use 30 hashtags on Instagram if you use the maximum 11 hashtags, the engagement rates will be much higher. You can also check your audience posts which hashtags they are using to search the things. You can also mix the brand’ unique hashtags with trending and new hashtags for maximum reach.

4- Find the Right Time to Post

The right time to post is also one of the key factors in getting the maximum reach. By this strategy, the engagement rate will be much higher. You can check about the right time to post by the audience demographics and their activity. It all depends upon that when a maximum of your audience is online and this is the time to wake them up by the engaging posts about your brand. With the help of the tool called Instagram insights, you can find out that on which day and at what times, your audience is most active.

5- Video Content

Nowadays, I have found that video content is getting more popular than photos. You can get more comments on videos than on photos. Just double tap the video to put a comment on that video. So, people are commenting more on videos than on photos. Users are spending more time watching videos than photos. The percentage of people who are watching video content has increased by 40% over a six month period. Now it is the time to play with the video content on your business profile.

6- Go Live on Instagram

You will appear at the front of the stories feed when you use live video on Instagram. This is a great trick to get the maximum reach on your business profile. Through a live video, you are exposed to a large number of audiences and this is the plus point to have the maximum reach on your profile. Your profile becomes more exposed and prominent in the Instagram app through the live logo. The followers get excited and they want to see you and your brand when they see you live in the feed.

7- Use Instagram Ads

You can grow your organic reach more effectively through Instagram ads. You can promote your existing posts within your Instagram application if you have the business profile. You can drive more organic reach if you have the paid organic reach. Running the ads can help you increase your reach. There is a way to how to promote your Instagram post. First of all, go to your Instagram insights in the Instagram app, then tap “See More” under the “Top Posts” section. Then, first of all, select all photos or videos as your first filter. Then select Engagement as your second filter. Then select 7 days as your third filter. Then all your posts will appear in the past 7 days. Then you can pick a post to promote. Then you will see the change that your particular post will have a greater reach.

There are also a lot of tools available for Instagram Marketing that you can also you to increase your reach on Instagram such as Magic Social, Likegrowers, Hootsuite, Likesgainer, Later and many more. These tools are paid Instagram Automation Tools that are specially designed for Instagram Marketing. Likegrowers Instagram Auto liker is my favorite tool. I have been using this tool from the past 2 years and it is helping me a lot to get organic reach. Hootsuite is also Instagram Scheduling tool that can help you post content at the best time to get more organic reach.

8- Be a Great Instagram User

As an Instagram user, you should be active on Instagram to get a higher reach on your business profile. Now the question is how to be active on Instagram and it would be only possible by posting on the Instagram, posting stories, sharing the content and liking and commenting on the content of your followers. In this way, a strong relationship is built between you and your followers and hence the reach is also increased on your account.

Final Words

Instagram is a vast and incredible platform for businesses of all types. It has open gates for all kinds of people all over the world. You can expand your business more successfully on Instagram. This is possible because of the large number of users, higher engagement rates and you can improve your reach on your profile by adopting different strategies.

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