When it comes to living a long and healthy life, it’s important that you take the right steps. As you get older, it can be trickier to stay healthy. So the more you can get started early, the better off you’ll be later on. Here are some of the best tips for staying healthy over the age of 70, and living a long and healthy life.


One of the best ways to stay healthy is to get active. Leading a healthy lifestyle starts with moving as much as you can. Whether you walk to work, go swimming, or even dance in your living room, the idea is to get your heart rate up every single day. You’ll feel significantly better overall, and you’ll find your energy boosted.

If you’re feeling extra motivated, you should consider incorporating strength training into your workout. Although cardio is undoubtedly a positive thing, ideally, you should also build up strength. Doing so will avoid injury, and keep you looking your best.

Get Regular Checkups

One of the best defenses against illness and disease is prevention. Attending regular checkups with your doctor will ensure that you are in good health, and pinpoint any issues that could become a problem later on. If you don’t already have a trusted doctor, then it’s a good time to find one period the older you get the more you need to ensure that your health is in good hands. 

Take Vitamins

It’s incredibly simple, yet very effective—  taking vitamins can boost your immune system, and keep you healthy as ever. It’s as simple as a daily multivitamin packed full of all of the essential nutrients you need. You might want to talk to your doctor about any additional vitamins you should be taking that aren’t included in your multivitamin. Doing so can boost your immunity, keep your bones strong, and even curb your appetite. It’s all about a consistent effort.

Wash Your Hands

As we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, it’s important that you wash your hands regularly. Not only will you significantly decrease your chances of catching COVID, but you also decrease your chances of catching things like the flu and other pesky illnesses that could leave you bedridden, or worse, hospitalized. It’s as simple as washing your hands several times a day, and always before eating. If you don’t have hot water and soap on hand, then carry a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Get Plenty of Rest

In our younger years, skipping sleep here and there may not be that big of a deal. However, the older we get, the more that sleep is absolutely necessary for our well-being. When we sleep, we regenerate our system and even improve our cognitive abilities. Try to prioritize getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, and you’ll see a significant difference in your overall well-being as you age.

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