No matter what time of year it is, if your house has a yard, you can use it for various fun games that will entertain you and loved ones of all ages. Having a yard automatically gives you the space needed for a lot of games that you could otherwise have trouble finding room for. Finding the Collection of the games that would be fun for your whole family is another story all together; the games listed here are sure to bring joy to all players participating so hopefully you will find the perfect game for them.

Mini golf

Building your very own mini golf course in your yard will not only be a great pastime during the process itself, but will also provide entertainment for all members of the family. You can liven up mini golf games by creating competitions, or challenges that each player has to do to gain points. Mini golf is a fun game that could be played all year round, but if you are going to play it during colder times, it is advised to wear heavier clothes because you will be spending a bit of time outside playing. If you own a best golf ball retrievers, it will make your game smooth.


Bocce is a game that is quite timeless to say the least. It has been played for centuries by many types of royalty all over the world. To start playing bocce, you will need to know the rules of the game and find the best bocce ball set for you to play with. The objective of this game is to roll your balls closer to the pallino ball than your opponents. The game goes on until a player has amassed 12 points, in which case he is the winner. Bocce is great to play with a group of people competing between each other to get the twelve points first and be declared the winner.


Twister is a commonly known game for family game night. Playing this game out in the yard makes it more fun because you have even more room to twist and stretch. Twister is especially fun when played with family and friends during a gathering because the more people playing the merrier.

Giant Jenga

This game is great mainly because anything that duplicates a game but on a larger scale makes the game that much more fun to play. Jenga is a game that consists of finger-sized wooden blocks that are shaped into a tall structure. Players then take turns removing blocks while trying to keep the structure standing. If a block is taken out and the structure falls the player loses. In giant Jenga instead of using finger-sized pieces of wood, you use larger pieces that should still be made of a lighter wood so that you do not have trouble trying to play. The rules are the same, but be careful because when the pieces of wood fall, you will need space to step away.

Water fights

One of the classics to play in a yard is an old fashioned water fight. Whether your weapon is a water gun or a bunch of water balloons, a good water fight on a hot summer day will be enough to cool you off and give you the fun you crave. You need to remember to have reserves at the ready so you do not run out of ammo and be a target for others to soak with water.

Nerf gun battles

Nerf gun battles are a way to have most of the fun of a water fight without getting soaked and without wasting any water. Nerf guns are great because unlike other toy guns, their ammunitions do not cause any kind of harm to the body. Nerfs are made of foam so they are also safe for younger people to play with. Being very safe does not decrease the amount of fun you will have while playing against friends or family so be ready to have a blast.


Basketball is a game that does not need much preparation. All you need is a hoop and a ball. Installing a hoop in your yard will give you and your family a chance to enjoy this sport a lot. Whether you shoot some hoops alone or decide to have a friendly game with your close ones, you are sure to find joy in this yard game.

Freeze tag

Freeze tag is a game that people have enjoyed playing for a long time. This game is an enormous source of fun without the need for any kind of props or preparations. Unlike regular tag where if you are tagged then you are it, freeze tag works quite differently. In freeze tag, if you are tagged you will have to stop moving immediately. You can be unfrozen by another player if they wish to unfreeze you. If the person who does the tagging has everyone frozen, then he or she wins the game.

When looking for a game to play in your yard, you will find many options to choose from. You will have a better time deciding which game is best for you if you know the interests of those who will be participating in the game. Yard games are supposed to be fun, so do not worry too much about the rules and what the right ways to play are, instead focus on enjoying these moments with your loved ones.

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