A longboard is a challenging yet popular sport among youths nowadays. There are hundreds of popular riding skills such as downhill, free riding, freestyle, and many more. All of these styles have a particular type of speed longboard. So, not all boards will serve every skater’s purpose.

Hence, we reveal the secret of different types of speed longboards and their features to help you select the best longboards that fulfill your purpose.

Cruising Longboards

This is the most basic of all longboards. As the name suggests, it is made for rolling in the road and park with your friends. It is a top-mounted speed longboard. It is fun riding the cruising longboards, and they are the most common shaped longboards available. Some small cruisers are known as mini cruises, and they are portable also.


  1. It has big smooth wheels.
  2. It comes with a pintail shape
  3. Wheels don’t catch the cracks and bumps
  4. The track and deck are more comprehensive than other longboards
  5. Large deck distributes the weight evenly

Drop through longboards

It is one of the most relaxing longboards available at present. In fact, it is the perfect longboard for relaxation. It is also used for cruiser-based installation. However, these boards are not meant for speeding up due to their flexibility and weak construction.


  1. Drop through longboards are duly stable.
  2. Easy to push
  3. Looks stylish
  4. Impressive for free rides

Downhill longboards

As the name suggests, the best part of downhill longboards is its smoothness during trips for down the hill. Most manufacturers use their premium material to build the downhill longboards, and so, they withstand the toughest terrains at ease. Thus, riders can enjoy the fun of longboard riding in the most enchanting and thrilling way.

One of the setbacks of downhill is its wobbling speed. However, it can be solved comfortably with high-quality longboards. We suggestions the reviews downhill longboards by sportsavis as regard.


  1. A perfect longboard for riding down the hill.
  2. It is made to survive the toughest terrain.
  3. It has excellent stability due to the long wheelbases.
  4. It is not meant for beginners.

Carving longboards

Carving is one of the most popular skateboard techniques among skateboarders. Furthermore, it is presumably not so tough to learn. If you practice regularly with the carving longboards, you will be able to pass any obstacles on your way without much difficulty.

It allows you to swipe fast in the streets. Additionally, the shape of the longboard is helpful for systematic turns.


  1. Carving longboards offer a lot of leverage thanks to its compact deck.
  2. Optimum energy loss and response during turns.
  3. Substantial wheel space
  4. Gripping and rolling speed is stable due to the big wheels.

Double drop longboards

These types of longboards combine both drop-through mounting and a drop-down deck. So, riders enjoy the features of both types of longboards. Although the design limits the carve sharpness, it still allows riders with comfortable turns. The longboard is also suitable for pushing and cruising as well as some downhill.


  1. The double drop longboards have a super low riding on the ground.
  2. It is stable, and hence, riding is exceedingly comfortable.
  3. It is meant for intermediate and beginner skateboarders.

Freeriding longboards

Freeriding is an advanced level technique of skateboard. Unless you are a pro in skateboard, riding on the freeriding longboards isn’t recommended. Despite it, if you love performing the freeride, always use protective gear. Trust me, it hurts falling on the roads or rough places.

Freeriding longboards, in general, are made of a high-quality product. It is more stable and comes with optimum control when you maneuver the board.

One more thing, freestyle or dancer longboards are not similar to the freeriding even though both have a resemblance in the name. So, never get confused.


  1. It requires an advanced level of longboarding skills.
  2. The rider should always use protective gear to avoid hurting himself.
  3. It is more stable
  4. Controlled maneuverability

Wrapping up

Hey, let’s not bit around the bush. We have enlisted the most common longboard types here and would look forward to hearing from you, which one is your favorite.

Lastly, I take the onus to reveal that I love the downhill longboards. They are fantastic when riding down the hill with speed. Give it a try, buddy.

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