The definition is simple: Windsurfing is a kind of sailing with a board, which is powered and used by the wind and across the water. However, most confuse surfing with windsurfing. While surfing uses just the waves’ force, windsurfing works with the wind. It means that a person can practice this sport anywhere where he or she can find a large water body and wind, like estuaries, rivers, lakes, and most importantly, an open ocean.


The legendary sports personality Robby Naish once referred windsurfing as ‘surfing’s ginger-haired cousin.’ The popularity of windsurfing touched new heights during the 1980s.

During that time, it was believed that one household in every three in Europe had at least one windsurf board. Windsurfing has resemblance with surfing, it resembles more with sailing. The windsurfers are called sailors and the rules of windsurfing are much similar to the rules of sailing racing.

There are several disciplines, which depend on the kind of sport that windsurfers enjoy; from freestyle to course racing to slalom to big-wave.

There is, however, a little longer learning curve comparatively when it comes to learning to windsurf; in comparison to action sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding, it takes much less time. While learning the basics, you should start a small board and as your skill will increase you will move to bigger boards gradually.

In addition to that, the sail size will depend on the conditions. One of the many remarkable benefits of windsurfing is that anybody of any age group can enjoy this action sport.

Unlike many other popular action sports, even at advanced levels, windsurfing is enjoyed by anybody of any age because of its relatively fewer injuries.

What does a person need for windsurfing?

Selecting the perfect windsurf board (check it out: is crucial while learning the action port. It is always a good idea to start with a large and stable board that has buoyancy when the person is just starting out. The idea behind choosing large boards is to make sure that the person learns to balance in the water and does not keep falling down every 5 seconds!

There are few other things too that a person needs to learn windsurfing – boom, mast, and sail. While the person learns, he or she will see that a smaller sail is ideal as he or she will need to pull out the sail to keep moving.

On the other hand, a bigger sail will be heavier and naturally, difficult to control and once a person has learned windsurfing basics he or she can try a bigger rig now. The most common recommendation or advice that a person is likely to get is to go through some classes and then progress gradually before purchasing the windsurf board with the boom, mast, and sail.

It can be an expensive affair as these are not cheap, so you mustn’t end up buying the wrong kit after you have progressed the early lessons. Knowing about the sport and its related factors are also very important as it will help you understand it even better. You should know how it is done in different places or how the rules or conditions change.

For example, in the UK, it is a very good idea to get your own wetsuit as they are not very expensive there. Be mindful while choosing gears and clothes.

Even the shoes are important and one needs to make sure that he or she doesn’t buy just anything that has “windsurfing” written on it! The shoes must protect the feet when the person is getting into the water. At the same time, the shoes should also come with extra grip.

In addition to that, the person will also need a life vest or buoyancy aid. Every school requires its students to wear one life vest and they will provide life vests when someone rents the windsurf board or join for a lesson or training.


In the early 90s and the late 80s, windsurfing was at its peak and was considered as one of the hottest sports in the world! People would ditch work and fill any sailing spots on lakes, bays, oceans, and even rivers! Gradually, the popularity of this action sport started to dip. However, people are now again coming to sports and it will get their attention soon.

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