Due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak, not just football, but each and every sport, industry, company, business, and the smallest of things have been affected all over the globe. 

Talking about football, COVID-19 has won this time in the suspension of football from the mid battle. The game was kept at a pause with 4 ties which needed to be completed. 

Till now, Tottenham Hotspur was striked off by RB Leipzig. 

Atletico Madrid  had  surrounded Liverpool,  Valencia got eliminated by Atalanta and in order to repel Borussia Dortmund, Paris St-Germain brawled back. You can get to know more about it at totalsportek liverpool

Let us now look into the chances that the remaining teams have in order to win the champions league 2020.

1. Juventus v/s Lyon:

What occurred in the first leg? 

  • Lucas Tousart had obtained the only goal while Juventus defender, Matthijs de Ligt, went off the pitch while going under treatment for his brain injury.

How did this score play earlier? 

  • Teams succeeding at 1-0 in home have prospered 23 times in the first leg and faced elimination about 10 times.

Any expectations for Juventus?

  • Back in 2019, Lyon’s last foray did not go quite well. They won over Barcelona in the very first leg but suffered a loss of 5-1 in Nou Camp. 

How have the teams performed since the reboot?

  • Juve entered the game having settled about 9 succeeding titles of Serie A. However they tripped off the line with some sort of uneven formation. 

Lyon’s one and only game which he thought was competitive was the French League Cup. Because Ligue 1 of France was completed untimely, his focus was to fight St-Germain of Paris in the French League Cup because they had been defeated by penalties. 

Who among the two will come to fight with the winners in quarter-finals? Real Madrid or Manchester City? 

2. Manchester City v/s Real Madrid:

What occurred during the first leg?

  • Manchester City assembled a quite a  late fightback because Kevin de Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus scored or won in the last 12 minutes succeeding when Isco gave Real the lead.  Captain Sergio Ramos of Madrid was  banned  or sent off for the second leg.

How did this score play out earlier ?

  • Teams succeeding at 2-1 in home have  prospered 8 times  in the first leg and faced elimination only once. 

Any expectations for Real Madrid? 

  • Being a manager, Zinedine Zidane had never  faced a knock out in the Champions League. He had got the ball in his court in all of his attempts. 

How have both teams done since the restart?

  • Real Madrid have been performing splendid and quite impressively since coronavirus outbreak. It won 10 and drew the other La Liga game to pack up the championship. City have earned 9 games out of the 12 games in all but unfortunately lost the title of Premier League. Liverpool had defeated them. Even Arsenal beat them in the semi finals of the FA cup. 

Who among the two will meet Lyon or Juventus in the quarterfinals? 

3. Barcelona v/s Napoli:

What occurred during the first leg? 

  • Napoli was laid forward by Dries Mertens in order to become their joint-top scorer. 

This was such a record that he has claimed since his inception before balancing Antoine Griezmann. 

How did this score play out earlier? 

  • Teams succeeding at 1-1 in home have prospered 12 times by Napoli and had faced an elimination for about 24 times.

Who has the ball in their court? 

  • The certainty that Napoli have been smacked out in both of the prior appearances at this phase does not signify quite a good  outcome.

 Barcelona too drew its ending 16 first leg in the last season with Lyon.

How did both teams perform from the  beginning ?

  • Barca are in a state of confusion. 

The day when Barca lost to Real Madrid for the title of La Liga, Lionel Messi made a statement that if they keep playing like this, they will lose to Napoli as well. 

Juventus was defeated by Napoli based on the penalty in order to win Coppa Italia in the year 2014.

Who among the two will meet  Chelsea or Bayern Munich in the finals?  

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