When the 2021 Auto Club 400 event was canceled in the wake of the impact that COVID-19was having on the United States, NASCAR fans were surely dealt a devastating blow. The highly anticipated event was passed over and a race at the Daytona road course took place instead of the momentous Auto Club 400. While this was a very disappointing turn for NASCAR fans this year, take heart from the fact that the 2022 Auto Club 400 is currently slated to go ahead as usual.

What is the Auto Club 400?

For those who don’t already know, the NASCAR Cup series stock car race held at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. One of the most anticipated racing events in California, the Auto Club is enjoyed by racing fans the world over and its cancelation this year has no doubt been a source of great disappointment.

Alex Bowman: Reigning Champion

After the 2021 Auto Club 400 was canceled, Alex Bowman was denied the chance to cement his title as the defending winner of the 2020 race with an impressive 2:37:07 race time. Despite this, the young racer has been putting in an impressive performance this series, after changing out his number from 88 to 48, he showed his talent qualifying on the Front Row of the 2021 Daytona 500.

Will he bring the same kind of speed and skill to the 2022 Auto Club 400 as he has to previous events? It will certainly be exciting to find out.

Looking to the 2022 Event

If, like so many others, you were devastated by the cancelation of the 2021 Auto Club 400 event, then you are likely looking forward to the 2022 race. With all this time to plan for the feted return of the prodigal race, you might want to make sure you arrive with a bang. You could take some of that NASCAR 2021 money that you never got to spend and hire a luxury premier car to really make a splash at the 2022 event.

Companies like SanDiegoPrestige.com offer an incredible range of high-quality vehicles, which could allow you to roll up to the 2022 Auto Club 400 race in the wheels of your dreams. Along with the perfect ride, there are other preparations that you can make to ensure the perfect experience at the Auto Club 400 next year.

The 2022 Auto Club 400 is slated to take place on February 27th next year and there are few different options available for you to start booking tickets.

Once you have your tickets booked and know exactly when the race is expected to take place, you can go ahead and start booking your holiday time. February 27th 2022 is a Sunday, which is a good start. However, to truly make the most of the experience you might want to book the Friday and Monday off as well so that you can really get into some old fashioned festivities and enjoy the race weekend to the fullest.

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