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World Cup is coming soon, and I can feel the heat of it almost everywhere I go. But many people don’t feel and know anything about the World Cup or soccer whatsoever.

Are you one of them? Don’t worry as we have all been there before. For so long, I have been trying to understand what soccer is all about, the rules and tricks as well. Right now, I am confident to discuss anything about this sport. More importantly, I fall in love with it!

So, my ladies, if you want to know about soccer, this article is a decent place to start. Here I will provide you with some basics about it. See More at https://banthang.tv/

General Knowledge of Soccer

The difference between Soccer, Rugby and Football

Well, it came into existence in America when a bunch of men tried to get a ball in a field. This sport is named “football” as people played with their feet instead of on a horse.

In the early 1800s, the sport came to England. The British divided it into two sports. The first term called “Rugby Football” refers to the game playing with hands, while the other name was “Association Football” (abbr “Soccer”) for the matches in which the players did not use hands.

As the word “Soccer” began to spread out to the world, Americans used this name to distinguish it with “American football” which is familiar with “Rugby Football.”

However, after the name “Soccer” was popular in America, the British stopped using this name as the reaction against the American.

Therefore, nowadays, in the US, when they use the word “Football,” it means they are talking about American football using hands in the play. The word “Soccer” refers to the play without using hands.

On the other hand, in the rest of the world, soccer and football is the same game.

How to play

It is a game playing on the field where two groups of people try to get the ball in a limited time.

As it is easy to get hurt, there are strict rules to control the game. In other sports, the rules might get changed every year. But in soccer, they are permanent.

The only way to change the law is through meetings of representatives from Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. It is not simple though.

Besides, you should know about the WC and FIFA.

The World Cup is a sports competition contested by teams from several countries. It takes place every four years and is the most famous sports tournament in the world, even exceeding the Olympic.

FIFA is the association monitoring the World Cup, and it will choose the host of each World Cup season.

In the high levels, FIFA imposes a lot of requirements for the facilities of the game such as the soccer field, the ball, the clock and even the ability of the referees.

Now, let’s dive deep into the details.

The Soccer Field

People also call the soccer field the “pitch.”

There are no exact dimensions of the field. Instead, they set the minimized and maximized size for it.

The length might be range from 100 yards to 130 yards almost, and 50 to 100 yards for the width. To ensure fairness, The Law is quite hard for international tournaments when the length and width are 100 to 120 yards and 70 to 80 yards, respectively.

No matter what the size is, the goal has to be 8 feet high and eight yards wide. Moreover, the goal area which is 6 yard box is exact in front of the goal.  Besides, the penalty area which is 18 yard box has to cover all of these areas.

It is an honor for any stadiums to host international soccer competitions. So, nowadays, almost new-built stadiums are designed based on these international standards.

The Clock

The game has two halves with 45 minutes for each. There is a less-than-15-minute interval between two halves.

However, the matches usually last more than 90 minutes due to the stoppage time. This time, also known as injury time, refers to the delays happened by injuries, substitutions and so on.

Depends on these factors, the referee will decide how much stoppage time needed at the end of each half.

The Referee

In the competition, the referee is the person responsible for enforcing The Law Of The Game. He has the right to stop the game and giving cards (Yellow and Red) to players.

A yellow card is for those breaking the rules while a red card will send the fouled player off the game. Also, a red card will cut the team off the chance of having a substitution.

The match can have two other assistant referees supporting the main referee. Recently, VAR (video assistant referee) also appears in some highest-level games to assist the referee in making discipline actions.

The Ball

The ball is an essential element of a soccer match. Therefore, the requirements of the ball size are controlled by FIFA in international games.

The size might be range from 27-28 in circumference and 410-450g in mass. The host country of the World Cup often designs a unique ball reflecting the culture of their country.

The Positions

Each team has 11 players and a few substitutes, playing in four positions. Each one is different in their responsibility for the team. Let’s check it further:


As the name says it all, goalkeeper (or goalie) is the one stopping the ball from coming into the goal. He can use his hands to catch the ball and hold it for a few seconds within the 18-yard box.

The goalie always wears a shirt having a different color from his team.


The defender stands right in front of the goalie to protect the goal.

Do you know about the concept of “formation”? The formation has three parts — for example, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. The first part relates to the number of defenders of the team.

Depending on the tactics of coaches, the formations can vary.


The second number of the formation is the group of midfielders.

Midfielder usually gathers the strongest members of the team as they are the bridge between defenders and strikers. They have to run a lot.

They pass the ball to the strikers to score goals and assist the defenders in keeping the ball from crossing the goal line.


Strikers are also known as forwards or attackers. They are supposed to be the most attacking members that help the team get the score.

Are you ready?

When I first take a look at football, I think it is boring. However, as long as I understand the game, I started to love it.

I hope that this article helps you understand more about this beautiful game and prepare to watch the upcoming World Cup confidently with your spouse, kids or anyone.

If you want to watch football games, this source here provides you with hundreds of live international matches and replays around the globe.

I hope to see you soon in the next article!

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