You’ve seen movies, and you’ve completely forgotten them. They talk about movies for years. Those who have been transmitted repeatedly go down from generation to generation. The ability to remove true masterpieces is not included in the basic setting for the ability of our birth. He has many years and a good experience. Of course, there is knowledge.

Therefore, great filmmakers who have decided to shoot more than one movie are something to learn and collect the most valuable advice for you. Most of them are related to tips, and many tips still need to be built and implemented. This data is collected from existed surveys from the directors, and also we have add on some things by taking our own online survey and published it here.

David Fincher

1. Don’t be afraid to take Responsibility

Be prepared, at all times. All costs will fall upon you. These are all the actions and events that occur during the recording. And you know, the worst you can hear is, “Oh, you shot this movie, in my opinion, it’s really bad.” The followers and everyone who follows him.

2. Be prepared to give everything you have and know that this is not Enough

If you don’t do what you can, you can’t make a good movie. And I don’t want the results to prove that the effort in this process is reasonable. But if you don’t succeed, let’s go. In any case, it won’t be better.

3. The director is a Ballet

The success of a movie depends not only on the performance but also on the operator’s work, the light, the sound, and the appropriate music. The cinema is a great dance. You have to see the whole picture. Your job is to make this dance as natural as possible.

Woody Allen

1. Don’t be afraid to make Mistakes

Errors are a valuable lesson, and we do not have to fear. There is no fear in the law, and fraud of all is very common. Try new things, develop and improve your skills. Learn to recognize your mistakes differently from what they use.

2. To be able to see the Future

Analyze what’s happening now and try to portray the future. Any entrepreneur must be able to do it. You do not want your professional life to be short.

3. Learning Flexibility

Sometimes it is clear during the action that the original idea does not look so good. Flexible enough to change direction or existing ideas. If you think the police are not good enough, don’t be afraid to change them.

4. Effective

The ability to work quickly is crucial because you need time to rest. Eliminate all interference for a few hours and dedicate them to work. If you focus on the task, you will see everything you can do.

Stanly Kubrick

1. If anyone interferes with your Work, Fight.

This is the only way to become a good director. If someone tries to control or change what you do, resist all your power.

2. Watch as many Movies as Possible.

In any case, it won’t be like everyone else. You must always be informed. Analyze the work of others and learn from their mistakes, if any, or at a higher level than other administrators.

3. Look at your Fears

Making a movie is like writing a book on a rotating carousel. Don’t be afraid to leave the comfort zone, or you won’t get anything.

4. You can Delete Everything

Any path can be deleted, and there will be a desire. It is not necessary to refuse your thoughts simply because you seem impossible. As long as you work harder, you will succeed.

Guy Ritchie

1. Use this Option to Turn on Completely

Few movies have a budget of $ 3 million in a minute’s screen. So if I have the opportunity to delete an ad with such a large budget, I give everything I want and try something new.

2. See your work for the First Time.

If I sit down and watch my movie, I can’t say what will happen. I just watched the movie, just as I saw it for the first time. Honestly, I think I will applaud even a lot of scenes from my movie.

3. Capture every Moment of your Life.

I have always said that school is very important. Maybe why I don’t like it that much. I think removing children from their childhood is a crime. But adults commit suicide voluntarily.

Quentin Tarantino

1. Love the Movie

If you want to be an instructor, live, thanks for the movie, sigh and eat movies. You only need to see at least half of the existing movies, otherwise, you don’t have to talk about it.

2. Describe the Permitted Limits.

Are people not attracted to forbidden things? Do you think the student will see “kill the bill” and make his classmates cruel? Ok, you need to take risks. Most of my movies talk about violence, but it’s a style! You haven’t even thought about the guys going to “Metallica” and ask this bastard to create music style.

3. Create your Universe

I always seem to live in two worlds: myself and now. Here are the films “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs,” films created in my universe. I can have another world where there is no real life in the world. I created the “kill bill” in it.

4. Invest in a Person

Everything that happens to me permeates one way or another. I can give life to my heroes and their conversations. If you know me after seeing my movie, you will be surprised at how much they tell me.

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