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When you think of theatre and theatrical performances, you may think of Shakespeare and Broadway. Stage performance has been a part of public imagination and engagement for a long time. Children at a young age are given space to participate on-stage during their schools and even later. It is a form of art that can well and truly capture the imagination of its audience. It involves a lot of effort in rehearsing and planning. People who perform on stage are said to be incredibly skilled and can create a transformative experience for the people undergo during their plays.

People learn a lot about art, history, philosophy, and human experiences from watching plays. Theatre began as a semi-circular structure in the open air, also known as the amphitheater. The actors had to project their voices loudly with the help of their diaphragm so that the audience could be able to hear them. The term ‘box office’ comes from how people would put an admission fee into a box by the door.

The Globe, in London, was one of the largest and the first to have a large section for royalty or other extraordinary individuals. Theatre plays have even been a medium for people to express new or revolutionary ideas that were not welcomed initially into society.

But buying tickets for plays was not always easy. Often tickets have been too expensive or inaccessible. People would not always be willing to travel long distances to go and see performances. The cast for plays nowadays tends to move around cities and perform in different areas. They now go to more cities than they ever did before which means they are more accessible to people, while there are many high quality plays being put up and performed in different parts of the world like New York, London, and Paris.

One of the most famous plays that have captured public attention today is Hamilton. It’s a musical play that has taken the world by storm. The brains behind Hamilton the Musical is the famous American actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is the leading composer, writer, and choreographer of the play. The production is a result of an inspiration by the autobiography of Alexander Hamilton written in 2004 by Ron Chernow. Alexander Hamilton was an American revolutionary who played a part in the American struggle for independence from British colonial rule in the 1770s. He became Secretary of Treasury in the new United States of America in 1776.

Lin-Manuel Miranda made a play to show Hamilton’s life and how, as a young man, he educated himself and became such a high-ranking statesman. What made Hamilton particularly stand out is the rapping style of the songs and the details, giving a feel to the audience just like reading a great novel.


Incredible plays like this are now much more accessible because of new and modern ticketing systems that are in force.  You log on to a website and provide your name, address, and credit card details. But be sure that when you are doing this, you are only giving your credit card information to a reliable website. Websites that other people have used and have some social media presence are likely to be trustworthy. A website that is poorly designed and has too many pop-up advertisements and is relatively later in the Google search may not be so reliable.

At this point, you can conveniently purchase hamilton tickets by choice of your date and time, while relaxing and receiving them at your door.

Some ticket booking websites also track and provide you a list of upcoming theatrical performances by your geographical location. With this feature, you could also discover a new sports game, play, or show that you may not have heard of before and one that is easily accessible to you as well. Book your tickets in advance in such a way that your tickets arrive before the event and check if the company provides that guarantee. Also, have a look at its refund policies in case you are unable to attend the event after purchasing tickets for it.

Given how easy it is to purchase tickets for plays now, there is no reason why you should not attend more concerts, games, and theatre. Given how much one can enjoy and learn from theatre plays like Hamilton, is a must to experience.

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