Birthday is a day to let celebrants know that you cherish them. It’s the perfect opportunity to show some love through giving of gifts. There are many gifts that you can give to celebrants, but knowing the perfect gift to give is sometimes disturbing. You are most likely to be disturbed if the birthday celebrant is your boss. But you don’t have to worry because we’re here to help you on how to choose a gift that will impress your bosses. prepared these following gifts are ideal for your bosses:

1. PenPower Scanner

This little gadget is useful for scanning texts or taking photo. It stores the information and allows you to read it later. Perhaps, you have noticed that your bosses go around with heaps of magazines and newspapers. You’ll save your bosses from unnecessary stress by giving them this device as birthday gift. With this device, they’ll simply scan whatever they have interest in and read it later. 

2. Posture Corrector Cushion

The regular desk chairs don’t promote healthy postures. If you have noticed that your bosses slump a lot on their chairs, then get this cushion for them as birthday gift. It’ll force them to sit well throughout the day. By making them to sit properly, your bosses won’t have fatigue that generates from bad posture. Giving them this particularly gift is a good way to let them know that you love them and that their health matters to you.

3. Personalised Black Leather Business Card Holder

It’s a special gift that allows your bosses to stay more organized with their business cards. With this gift, your bosses can keep all their business cards in a single case. They will love and appreciate this birthday gift.

4. Productivity Planner

Why not help your bosses to organize their thoughts in one tidy place with this gift? By giving this gift to your bosses, you’re providing them with a means to put their thoughts in a single place. This gift will replace all the dozens of post-it notes in their offices.

5. Scratch-Off World Map Poster

One thing that makes anyone feel like exploring many places around the world is map. If your bosses enjoy travelling to different places to witness new lifestyle, then you should give them this scratch-off world map poster as birthday present. They’ll enjoy marking the places where they have been to on it. Also, it will motivate them to visit more places.

6. PowerCore Portable Charger

This portable charger is ideal for bosses that are constantly on the go. It keeps their phone charged every time at every where. It’s easy to carry around since it’s portable. It will make a perfect birthday gift for your bosses.


Your bosses deserve some love from you. Giving gifts that’ll assist their lives in various aspects is a great way to show love to them. All the gifts that we mentioned will impress your bosses and let them realize how much you love them.

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