It’s all about technology these days, even in the classrooms. Where the teachers bemoaned the fact that students had their mobiles on them all the time, now working on tablets is a norm. Today classrooms without technology are outdated. Disconnection of the students from the world around them is the worst thing you could do to them. They must be aware of what’s going on around them. This reminds me of a personal incident. I happened to call the AT&T customer service center recently. The rep, despite working in the company for more than a year, couldn’t help me resolve an issue. This irritated me. Now would you like to raise kids in a way that their knowledge remains limited to textbooks? They need exposure so that they are able to handle diverse situations that too in real time!  These problems can be related to any field- Finance, Economics or Science.

Hence, there are many more reasons why technology is important for education systems.

The Students’ Call

The students are continuously engaging with technology outside the classroom. It is almost impossible for them to imagine a space where they do not have access to technology. Hand over a book to a student these days to find a piece of information and he will most likely fail to do so. Hand him a tablet and he will Google the required as well as the related information to the said topic. Therefore, to make the sessions in the classrooms productive, it is necessary to make use of technology.

Individual Learning


Technology encourages individual learning. It helps to cater to the students based on the pace at which he learns. Hence, allowing instructors to pay individual attention to the students. Moreover, technology has even made the option of catering to disabled students more convenient. Apart from that, the Internet provides each individual with ample information that he can tailor according to his understanding. Hence, serving the individual needs of a particular student is quite important in some cases.

No Boundaries

With technology, there is no limit to what and how much you can learn. If you give your students a task to find out about the 3rd president of the United States, for instance, they might end up finding mysteries of the world as a bonus. The point here is that when the world was dependent on books alone people could only find about the specific piece of information they were asked to research. However, technology and the Internet changed everything. Not only can the students find information regarding unlimited topics now, but they can also have a look at the demonstrations of concepts they otherwise do not understand in words through the gazillion videos available online as well.

Increased Engagement

Technology helps to increase the engagement of the students because students are more attracted to it. When instructors integrate technology into their daily lessons, the readiness of the students to learn also increases. They take more interest in the lectures and often come up with ideas that they would not have otherwise. Technology makes learning all the more fun. Besides, when students relish learning the retention of information in their brains increases as well.


Virtual reality has changed the world of education. The way students learned in the past, now they get to experience it as well through VR. This provides a better learning experience for them. Students feel as if they are in a particular setting. This amazes them and has a long-lasting impact on their memory of concepts.

Connection with the Parents

With the help of technology, there are online portals that parents can access to see the progress of their children. As well as stay connected to the instructors. Parents do not need to book appointments with teachers that often or meet them physically. They can connect to the teachers via emails or the class groups on WhatsApp or Facebook. The options are unlimited. The teachers also find it convenient to answer the multiple queries online that cater to individual parents that is time-consuming as well. Therefore, this helps to save the time of both teachers and parents. The grades get uploaded online as well. So, the parents can track the progress of their kids easily.

Apart from all this, technology encourages collaboration between students in the classroom. It helps create a sense of a team that is a very important trait to acquire because you have to work in teams in the corporate world. And if you fail to collaborate with your colleagues at the workplace, you will simply fall behind. This attitude of yours might narrow your career options for you as well. Moreover, you may have to settle for a less rewarding job like that of a Spectrum customer service rep. Not discriminating against any job here but just highlighting the importance of collaborating with your peers at work. Because let’s face it no one likes people who are always bossing around.

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