Sleep difficulties are rampant around the world, and these problems are often linked to issues like depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, insomnia is rising in developing countries throughout Africa and Asia as well, as you can see from this study.

This is a real problem, and many people are seeking relief. These sleep gadgets for insomnia might be part of the solution. 

1. Good Day&Night by Lighting Science

 With one switch you can have lighting that imitates the sleep-wake cycle that occurs naturally. The point of this is to help your circadian rhythm stay on track. It goes from GoodDay, which is made to boost alertness, to GoodNight, which is ideal for sleeping. This system uses simple and easy controls with sophisticated lighting.

Good Day&Night by Lighting Science is made to add or subtract 480 nanometers wavelength, which is necessary to give you alertness or let you know that it is time to sleep. Pairing the wireless switch and the self-powered lights is easy.

2. EBB Sleep

This sleep gadget is essentially a triple-layered headband. It was designed to fit any head shape or size with comfort, and you can sleep in any position. EBB Sleep works by helping to regulate temperature and thus help you sleep. It comes with a bedside controller that you can use to choose your perfect temperature.

The gadget is equipped with a cushion that is full of fluid that helps cool the head. The fluid contains no harsh preservatives or chemicals and is contained by a leak-locked cartridge. The cooling sensation basically helps quiet a racing mind by reducing the metabolic activity in the brain.

3. Dreem Sleep Tracker

You will get a lot of features with Dreem Band, which offers a Dreem Coach that gives motivation and monitoring each night. You will also be able to use audio features. Dreem Band has sensors that measure respiration rate, heart rate, and brain activity throughout the night.

The techniques used by Dreem involve sound that is transmitted through bone conduction with the use of a headband. If you dont like this method, you can still use headphones. The system provides exercises, soundscapes, sophrology, and neurofeedback.

Here is a more detailed review of this product which touches on sleep monitors, EEG brain wave and the Dreem sleep headband.

4. Bedjet – Bed Cooling and Heating System

This cooling and heating system for beds promises to help you sleep better. They boast no more chilly beds or night sweats. It is also great for couples because more than half disagree about sleep temperature. Rather than one being too cold and the other being too hot, BedJet lets couples choose their own temperatures for their side of the bed.

Powered with a digital DC motor that is very quiet it is easy to sleep soundly and enjoy your optimal sleep temperature. The system can even eliminate moisture and sweat for anyone with hot flashes or night sweats. It is controlled with a wireless remote through an app, and it is easy to install, and lets you personalize the temperature for each hour.

5. Sleep Number 360® smart bed

This smart bed is another solution to help you sleep comfortably. It works by using technology that can pick up on your movements then adjusts firmness automatically to suit your body. It even offers an adjustable base that can help prevent snoring in some people by raising their head. The Sleep Number can also pre-warm the bed.

The bed even uses sleepiQ technology to track how well you sleep. You will be able to review this data during the day. This data has been dubbed your sleep IQ score. You will also be able to choose fabrics that better balance your body temperature. You will find necessary Hi-Tech Smart Devices easily on 4Prototypes.

6. LectoFan EVO

LectoFan EVO uses pure white, pink, and brown sound options, as well as ocean and fan sounds. White noise generally can be compared with the sound of a waterfall. Pink noise could be compared with rainfall, and brown noise is similar to the surf that you would hear along with a storm.

Not only can it help you to fall asleep, but LectroFan EVO can also be useful if you are at work or studying. It gives you speech privacy by masking the sound. Take it with you when you go traveling and sleep well anywhere. It now comes with an audio jack that you can use to connect with a variety of speakers or headphones.

7. Somnox Sleep Robot

This little robot offers a few unique features to help you sleep longer and fall asleep faster. The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you focus attention and slow breaking with sounds such as white noise, audio books, heartbeat, lullabies, or guided meditations. It offers cognitive and breathing exercises and can even synchronize your breathing to itself.

Somnox Sleep Robot is made to be hugged as you sleep. It features an ergonomic shape and quality material to keep you comfortable. To set up the robot use the app to set your preferences, choose audio, breathing rate, and sleep timer. Next just relax and cuddle the robot.

8. Awair

Many aspects negatively affect the quality of our indoor air, and in fact, it can be much more polluted inside than outside. Air quality can affect health, skin, focus, allergies, and sleep quality. Awair determines air quality based off of chemicals, humidity, CO2, temperature, and fine dust.

It will rate your air quality from 0-100 and can be used with other devices to keep the air cleaner. You can use it with Google Home, Alexa, or Nest. Having Awair can let you know if your air quality might be the reason your sleep life is suffering.

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