The digital devices with network connectivity  today help kids in getting into the world of gambling and betting. There are loads of sites and App where you can play, bet and hope for the best. Just see the many banners of social networks or various websites which often sponsors online games, betting and virtual slot machines. With that, there are specialized sites that explain how to bet, providing percentages of winning or losing the bet, studying systems and, as the game is purely a male phenomenon, they are all accompanied by beautiful pictures of scantily clad women to attract more male attention and entertain them to spend a longer time.

The real problem is that players are more and more teenagers, many routed from parents, others from friends. Many children of the new adults who spend hours at the computer playing cards, bingo, with scratch cards, slot machines and all that it offers the network. They especially the teenagers are not monitored online hence they play whatever and whenever they wish. They have the smartphone that is always connected, have the app and then just have a touch to get into this gambling and betting. Unfortunately, the streets are now flooded with betting shops of all kinds in which they have almost everything from centers of slot machines or scattered bars to the tobacconists.

To know the real picture of this trend Observatory on Trends and Behaviors on Adolescents conducted a survey where the studied 4000 adolescents throughout the national territory.  According to the results of the study it was assessed that:

  1. 5% of adolescents play online gambling,
  2. The 13% bet online, 77% play on calcium and 10.4% in the various sports.
  3. The 29% of respondents teenagers were playing in betting centers, 88% on the stock and the 8.7% in the various sports.
  4. Gambling is a predominantly male phenomenon and the girls generally like to play scratch cards or bingo.
  5. Gambling online and online betting affect teenagers ranging from 13 to 16 years, while playing the betting center is a phenomenon that affects mainly children aged between 17 to 19 years.
  • The stats given above are alarming and these do call for an action from parents. What they can actually do is monitoring their kids’ web exposure and offline activities. For that, they can use Android parental control app such as FamilyTime The app offers many valuable features including Contact Mirroring


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