What is online fatigue?

Online fatigue is extreme stress due to excessive use of gadgets and the internet. The long hours spent on the internet can cause extreme fatigue, debilitating resistance, and exhaustion.

In the current pandemic period, most of us prefer to work from home remotely or proceed to online learning. That is why our most effective assets are gadgets and smart devices. In almost everything, everyone relies on gadgets for work, homeschooling, research, reports, online activities, and all sorts that require the internet.

Just as we know, everything under the sun nowadays circulates on the internet. But we often overlook how much time we have spent working on our device. We may seem to forget that so much time on the internet harms our physical and psychological well-being.

Over-focusing on gadgets may also be detrimental to our health. It’s by then the online fatigue comes into play. Online fatigue can manifest in different ways. However, you can determine online fatigue if you experience the following symptoms;

Muscle Pain – According to research, individuals who frequently spend most of their time on the internet are most likely to experience exhaustion and pain in the eyes, neck, and shoulders.

Ear Pain – Listening fatigue or ear fatigue is a condition that arises after a hearing sense is used for a long time. Tiredness, discomfort, pain, and lack of sensibility are among the symptoms.

Mental Exhaustion – You may feel mentally drained if you are unable to think properly or concentrate on certain things and situations. Mental exhaustion may lead to full stress, physical problems, and stress-related conditions.

Overwhelmed – Online fatigue is caused, particularly when you get overwhelmed with a great deal of work that needs to be done and when you feel annoyed, distracted, and frustrated.

Apparently, there are habits that we can develop to avoid online fatigue, especially during this pandemic. Here are the best tips on how to avoid online fatigue:


At the height of your busy work, changing positions very often is highly suggested. You may also want to stand up occasionally or go for a quick-walk to avoid muscle pain and numbness. Changing the sitting position now and then while focusing on what you are doing helps stimulate blood flow to the arteries that reduces muscle freezing. 


It is highly advised to maintain the correct sitting posture while working or studying. Sit upright, breathe slowly, and fill the body with high energy in the right pose. Sit with your back straight to ensure a uniform distribution of the body mass down to your hips. Bend your knees to the right angle and lie flat your feet on the floor to keep your hips in place. 


It is a practical reason to fill your stomach with something before engaging in daily activities. Let me take this as an example, “as much as the motor vehicles need enough fuel to go as far as possible,” then our body requires food to last the whole day.

Eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables will improve your resistance and maintain the energy you need to resume your everyday online activities. 

Before starting your day, you may want to prepare healthy meals using gas cookers to fill your stomach in. Or you may add some fruit juice on your table, an immunity-booster made from fruit extract. It helps you to sustain the day and resist fatigue.


Try to stretch like “marching-while-sitting” or stretching the neck and shoulders. It is not difficult to do and it helps to avoid getting tired easily. Relax the muscles and gain more stamina for the next few hours of work. It’s as easy as regular bending or stretching exercises that complement the resistance of your body.


Make it a habit to take a break from using gadgets. Remember, you still have a long way to go. Don’t spill it all in an instant. When you stress it, you will be exhausted and feel weary.

Take a brief break, listen to music, or do other things.

Playing or listening to calm music has a positive effect on the brain and body. A stress-related hormone called cortisol is reduced when you listen to music. A quick nap may also be helpful. 

For parents with student-children, give them time to relax. Allow them to play or read a book or do other types of activities.


Value your sense of hearing, as this is one of the most important parts of the human senses that should not be ignored. Ear fatigue or listening fatigue may strike anytime leaving you a damaging effect on your hearing sense. 

If you use earphones or headphones, do not switch at maximum volume. Control the audio level appropriately. It is safer not to insert earphones into your ear too hard and not to wear them too tightly. When Tinnitus occurs or “ringing of the ear sensation”, it is best to consult a specialist. This proves the fact that loss of hearing is another factor of online fatigue. 


Make sure you get enough sleep before doing online learning or online activities. Getting a good night’s sleep before your daily chores is proved to be a resistance booster. it soothes the body and brain. It’s your best defense against online fatigue, for sure. Sleep loss makes you feel drowsy in the middle of work or online learning. You may not be able to think clearly because you are drowsy, and you may make mistakes in what you do. 


Online fatigue is common for people who work online. It’s the everyday challenge that you may face every time you sit in your chair and work on the internet for a long hour. 

Nevertheless, the good news is that online fatigue is manageable.

Furthermore, if you find the above information helpful, till then, you’ll be able to complete your job free from the hassle of online fatigue.

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