The necessity for Hair Removal

There is immense pressure on individuals to look smart, presentation-ready, and confident to strike a deal in competitive work environments. Here, removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body has gained enormous popularity among men, women, and children alike. The prior practices of hair removal include Shaving, Waxing, Threading, Depilatories, Prescription Cream, etc. The more recent ones are Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, etc. Of these current solutions, Laser hair removal is the most hassle-free and safe option if done in consultation with an experienced practitioner for optimized results. 

Unlike traditional shaving methods, waxing, and threading, which can cause irritated skin and rashes, laser hair removal presents an alternative. The cream or gel contents of Depilatories and Prescription Creams may not be suitable for all skin types. Consulting the Dermatologist for treatment then becomes frequent. The laser treatments, on the other hand, are handled by qualified personnel. 

Laser Treated: The Future 

Laser hair removal treatments are more in demand as it removes the hair permanently even though it may take 5-6 sittings. It suits all skin colours. Also, ensure that the personnel performing the procedure has experience with lighter and darker skin tones. The laser treatment can be performed on any part of the body. 

How does it work?

The basic principle working behind laser hair removal is the Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL). It functions when there is a match between the specific wavelength of light and pulse time to get the optimal effect on heating the base stem cells in the follicle. So the laser can cause local damage by selectively heating the dark object (hair) since dark objects absorb light. In this respect, more patience and caution are needed, considering the presence of melanin. Melanin is also responsible for the dark colour of hair.

So it becomes harder to remove hair from lighter skin containing less or no Melanin. Blonde, white hair poses a challenge to the laser initiated hair removal treatments.

What about the cost? 

Laser treatment cost has considerably decreased as several dermatologists, and skin treatment experts have pooled in to open up clinics and stores, especially in the cities and towns. It varies from one practitioner to the other and likewise one nation to another ranging from $9 to four-five figure prices. The prices also depend on how many areas of the skin are to be rid of hair. Special offers and setting online appointments benefit practitioners and attract customers. 


People considering laser hair removal treatments should consult a Dermatologist first. The more experienced the practicing personnel is, the better are the chances of successful treatment. Before treatment, your skin should be tan free, kept out of sunlight for about five weeks, or the time specified by the certified practitioner for optimum results before and after the treatment. A treatment gone wrong or done at home using online bought laser gadgets that claim to be similar to the original laser in clinics should be something to beware of. It is always better to get it done right rather than taking risks. Laser treatment gone wrong can cause burns, infection, and blisters.         


The beauty standards have changed over time, but one has forgotten the benefits of having hair on your skin. It protects and keeps the dirt away from the skin. The laser treatments should be initiated only after proper consultation, and only when there is a dire need felt for it. Loving your body or self-love should not come at the cost of what others expect your body to be!

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