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Physiotherapy is a form of rehabilitation that helps people with disability, injury, or other physical inabilities restore movements and body functions, either fully or to the best of their ability.

A physiotherapist is a doctor who can help with this process, provide expertise and advice, and aid in the rehabilitation process. Physiotherapists also provide information on how individuals can manage their lifestyles to assist their bodies better. Especially as we age, our bodies tend to become less agile and we may face problems such as aches and pains, as well as reduced motor skills. A physiotherapist helps us by reducing pain, and offering advice on which lifestyle changes can affect us for the better.

What can Physiotherapy do for you?

Injury Prevention

One of the key reasons athletes seek physiotherapy and physical support therapy is to keep their bodies flexible and agile. Physiotherapy is an ongoing process that provides our bodies with the necessary movements to keep their bodies strong.

While athletes face regular physical exertion, normal people’s bodies face the same impact with age. This means, there are areas in every person’s body that are more prone to wear and tear. Areas such as our knees, backs, and even ankles can become painful over time. A physiotherapist assesses these weaknesses and provides a person with special exercises to strengthen the muscles and skeleton to avoid injuries.

Physiotherapy Improves Mobility

Whether it is due to age, lifestyle, or injury, physiotherapy helps with regaining movements. Physical therapists cater to the individual needs of their patients, carefully planning physical therapy that will benefit their patients the most. They will even be able to advise on what kind of activity a patient will have to take up in order to increase their mobility. These activities and lifestyle changes by the doctor will be based on an individual’s capability.

Experiencing even slight pain can lead to reduced mobility. While many people ignore pangs of short-lived pain, they can be a source of discomfort to the extent of reducing movement. Physiotherapy can not only help get rid of these pains, but an added bonus is the ability for it to restore complete function to the body.

Helps Eliminate Pain

Therapeutic exercises help with keeping our bodies moving. Doctors know different exercises that focus on different areas of our bodies. A physiotherapist can also provide therapeutic massages that reduce pain. For athletes, these massages can be termed ‘sports massages’. The massages offered in physiotherapy reach deep into our tissues and source out the root of the pain. With continued sessions, a physiotherapist can eradicate the pain by opening up a muscle knot, or even by massaging stress points to relieve the stress. Sometimes, continued sessions with a physiotherapist can completely eliminate pain.

Physiotherapy Help Prevent Diseases

Managing your wellness is something that you can do on your own. With a doctor who is an expert with human bodies, you can manage to assist your heart with consistent conditioning and strengthening. Physiotherapists can also assist with breathing habits that strengthen lung muscles thereby increasing the lung and oxygen capacity of the human body.

Physiotherapy Help with Women’s Health

Women face certain issues such as menstruation issues, pregnancy, and postpartum. These issues can cause pain and stress in women’s bodies. Issues after pregnancy are common in women, however not always addressed. Seeing a physical therapist can help a woman regain control over her body after pregnancy, which she may not know how to do.

Common Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can be cured

Due to the constant use of mobile phones, computers, and even video games, a common cause of hand stress is carpel tunnel syndrome. With the right exercises and learning how to reuse our hands through assistance from a physiotherapist, people can prevent or otherwise completely cure carpel tunnel syndrome.

Injury or Trauma-Related Injuries can be cured

Symptoms such as whiplash can cause extreme discomfort and pain. Isolated incidents such as those that cause injuries can be a cause of concern for many. With the right help, pain from such injuries can be addressed and eliminated.

Physiotherapy can assist in Managing Diabetes

A little-known fact is that physiotherapy is part of an overarching plan to manage diabetes. Doctors can assist not only with physical therapy but with a balanced nutritional plan that aids the body in maintaining the right amount of nutrition. A physical therapist will also assess different body types and suggest exercise regimes accordingly. This has been a huge benefit to diabetic patients in recent years.

Recovery from Strokes

After a stroke, many people lose function in their bodies. They may not even be able to control their bodily movements. Physiotherapy helps stroke victims regain their basic motor functions. Through extensive physiotherapy and repeated visits, a doctor will assist stroke victims to reap the benefits of physical therapy best to their ability.

Physiotherapy is important for those who experience constant pain. It is unusual to have pain for days, which is why some action must be taken. Physiotherapists cure even the major injuries after an accident, so it is better to make appointments for therapy.

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