What is double eyelid? And why so many Asian people desire it? First of all, let’s get something – any eyelid shape is beautiful. From a technical viewpoint, Double eyelid means eyelid crease. The structure of the upper eyelids of some people is such that they have a natural crease. That is normally explained by the peculiarities of their muscles.

This is the main physical characteristic of almost 100 % of European people, while for the Mongolian race it is very rare – about 30 % of them. Often, the eyelids without creases look swollen and teary for the reason that the skin hangs the eyelash growth line. Why some people don’t have double eyelids and are there any procedures that can change it? The short answer is yes – there are a few methods and due to the popularity of the demand for them, clinics like Allure Plastic Surgery in Singapore offer this service to anyone suitable and unhappy with their eyelids.

Before diving deeper into the answer this question, let’s take a look at the difference between the eyelids shape.

What is the difference between Monolids and Double eyelids?

Monolid eyes are mainly an Asian feature. The smaller is the space between eyelashes and eyebrows the more monolid would look the eyes. The skin fold on the upper eyelid which coversthe inner angle of the eye is called the epicanthic fold. That makes the eyes look smaller and more slanted. In practice, the eye itself is just as big as any other race, but the epicanthic fold imparts the eye narrower and smaller appearance as well as shaping it into a slant. While doing so, it can also hide a part of the upper eyelash.

Another specific feature is non-existent or lack of an eyelid crease. This what is known as the supratarsalcrease. We can notice this crease in most non-Asian people. This is the main difference between a single eyelid (monolid) and a double eyelid. A lot of Asian people can still have the crease but it often lacks definition. In case you are interested, it is possible for some people to have both the epicanthic fold and the superatarsal crease, some of them can have one and not the other, as well as having neither, but this is an uncommon case.

The Epicanthic fold can come in different types:

  • No fold;
  • Faint fold;
  • Clear fold;
  • Curved fold;
  • Reverse fold.

The Crease can also come in several types:

  • No crease;
  • Faint crease;
  • Defined crease;
  • Multiple creases.

Double eyelids are thought to allow the eyes to look more open and bigger, while the overhanging eyelid “weights” on the eyes and makes them smaller. Many monolid people admit that they want double eyelids. Most of them explain their desire about it with that their face becomes more expressive, and the eyes more open.

Double eyelid surgery methods in Singapore

There are three commonly used methods for double eyelid surgery in Singapore:

  • Full-incision. It is a universal correction method that consists of removing part of the muscles, fats, and skin tissue to create a crease. The procedure is more commonly known as blepharoplasty. The disadvantage of this method is the risk of unwanted scars that may be noticeable. But the effect usually is permanent. This is the best option for people who desire clearly defined crease in long-lasting results. The full-incision surgery normally takes around half an hour and it’s performed under local anesthesia. Hospitalization is not necessary. The stitch is removed a week after the operation. Recovery time might be longer than the other methods for the reason it involves cutting skin and tissues.
  • Partial incision. This correction method involves making small incisions along the eyelid by which remove fats and skin tissues. The advantages of this technique are that the incisions are not too big, so there is no puffiness, and the scars might be invisible. The operation normally takes half an hour, as it is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Buried sutured. This technique is non-invasive which is done without any incisions on the eyelid. A double eyelid effect is performed by making aknot in the eyelid without incision. The procedures are performed under local anesthesia.The disadvantage of this method is that, over time, the fibers weaken so the eyelid can go back to its natural position.

Other (non-surgery) ways for double eyelids

  • Double eyelid tape. This is a popular product that makes the eyes look bigger or correct uneven eyelids. It is a strip that is placed on the eye. Double eyelid tape can create a temporary crease. Besides, the tape may be visible to others.
  • Double eyelid glue. It is also a temporary method for changing monolid eyes. The eyelid glue is a kind of eye make-up that is applied by using a thin brush. Using this product every day can cause irritation, redness, andan allergic reaction.

Choosing a method for adding a crease to the eyelids usually is a matter of personal preference.The nonsurgical options normally have temporary results. If you are looking for a long-lasting effect will be better to think about a surgical procedure.

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