It is not always easy to adapt to changes, and having dentures is one such change. Deciding to get any dental treatment usually results in bombarding oneself with numerous questions. What is the cost of Denture Implants in Brisbane? Denture clinics have mouth guards, don’t they? How to take care of dentures?

Below are some commonly asked questions pertaining to dentures and their answers.

What are Dentures? 

It is probably a question that many know the answer to as they have become a necessity. It is a removable contraption that is kept instead of missing teeth. It is usually due to conditions like tooth decay and various gum diseases, which is one of the significant disease burdens in Australia. This appliance helps restore one’s smile even if they have lost their natural teeth.

How do Dentures Help?

Its purpose is to not merely restore appearance, but also to enhance one’s health. It improves the practice of eating and helps the patients to speak better in many cases. They heighten the standard of living by elevating life experiences.

What are they made of generally?

Dentures are composed of a strong acrylic base, which is of the same color as the gum. Flexible partial dentures is the material used to make the teeth. Partial dentures have a base of metal that has a coat of plastic. Metal provides a structural base that helps to clasp onto the existing teeth.

How much do Dentures cost?

The cost of denture implants in Brisbane depends on whether it is a partial set or a complete replacement. Clinics charge a few thousand dollars, depending on the nature of the whole procedure. A frequently asked query is the comparison of rates between partial and complete sets. Partial replacements are typically less expensive than full replacements.

The price of dentures depends on the procedure time and dental materials that go into making them. It also takes many appointments before the procedure is complete. So the cost is determined by all these factors. Therefore the price is usually relative, depending upon the patients’ requirements.

How durable are dentures?

Dentures degrade over time, owing to normal wear. The dentist might have to partially reconstruct or completely replace them with full dentures. Rebasing and relining the base is also a common practice. It increases the life of dentures.

They usually last upwards of 6 to 9 years. One may have to replace the plastic dentures sooner than their acrylic or resin counterparts. The dentists remake the gum portion in order to rebase dentures and retain the existing denture teeth. Age also influences the remake rate because as a person ages the size of the mouth changes naturally.

How well do dentures fit?

It takes a relative amount of time to get accustomed to having a new set of teeth. The settling period often ranges from 6 to 8 hours after a fitting for the dentures to settle well in one’s mouth. The adjustment time differs from person to person as it takes time for the gums to adapt to the appliance.

How to keep dentures in place?

Partial dentures are attached to existing teeth utilizing metal pieces that clasp onto them. As it takes time to adjust to the appliance, some use adhesive to aid the process. There are various adhesives available for denture implants. Implants are also employed to hold the dentures in place, in which case there is no necessity for adhesive.


Dentures are an appliance that makes life easier. It betters one’s appearance while enhancing their health. One can check in with a clinic to enquire about the procedure and costs before going in for an appointment.

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