Water is Important. Life cannot exist without water. It is the most basic requirement for the existence of all life forms. Clean and Healthy drinking water is essential for everyone, and its availability should be the topmost priority.

The adult human body comprises 60% of water. It helps in the everyday functioning of the body and also in its protection. It regulates body temperature, pressure and keeps the efficient flow of oxygen throughout the body.

Whether you are a full-time worker or just a casual daywalker, the body loses large portions of water daily. The loss of water results from sweating, urination, breathing, or during any illness or complication. Keeping the body hydrated is important. Many believe that drinking eight glasses of water daily is essential, but you can drink a glass or two whenever you feel thirsty.

The purpose of this blog put together by drclarkstore is to raise awareness about clean drinking water. Following are the things due to which clean drinking water is necessary for every human being. 

1. Provides Nutrition

Clean water not only keeps the body hydrated but also fulfills other nutritional requirements. It serves as a delivery system of nutrients for cells and helps in saliva production. It ensures consistency in blood to allow free flow and helps deliver oxygen throughout the body to each cell. Water plays a vital role in dissolving essential vitamins and minerals from food and regulating them in the body. Not only this, a study suggests that water also assists in losing weight, but that does not mean it can replace a healthy diet and exercise. 

2. Clears Out Toxins

Water is a helpful factor in bodily functions, also aids in protecting the body. Consumption of contaminated water or food may give rise to harmful gut bacteria. They can cause several different ailments, leading to diarrhea or other abnormalities. Water can efficiently flush out the toxins from the body and maintain a healthy digestive environment.

3. Vital For Body Functions

Water, covering a large portion of the body, is vital for many body functions. It aids in the supply of oxygen and nutrition from food to different parts of the body. Since lungs are 85% water-containing, a good amount of hydration is required for optimum gaseous exchange. Water also aids in maintaining sound brain health, proper functioning of brain cells, and keeping memory strong. It also helps in the lubrication of joints, tissues, and spinal cord for free movement. 

4. Provides Physical Boost

Water is essential in keeping the body up and running. Athletes doing strenuous activities or bodybuilders putting long hours in the gym tend to get dehydrated more often. Water not only hydrates the body but also increases physical performance. It enhances strength, power, and endurance for you to keep pushing your limits. Dehydration during such activities may lead to critical health conditions. So be sure to head over to your water filter first before going for a walk or exercise.

5. Keeps Skin Healthy and Fresh

Water helps in maintaining the natural complexion of the skin. It helps in providing nutrition to skin cells, keeping them hydrated and fresh. It serves as an anti-aging formula by enhancing skin moisture and elasticity. Water also helps remove pathogens by the process of perspiration and restoring the natural skin tone by boosting collagen production. 

6. Aids in Different Body Processes

Water helps in some of the primary body functions linked to different ailments. It helps in kidney functions by removing toxins. Water regulates osmotic pressure and ion exchange in kidneys and also eliminates toxins and kidney stones through urination. Drinking lots and lots of water also lowers the chances of urinary tract infections and also prevents constipation.

How to Ensure Drinking Water is Clean?

Over the top, unclean water refers to foul odor, taste, or appearance, but there is more than what meets the eye. Water, in appearance, may look clean, but laboratory testing will reveal all the bacteria and pathogens that can cause numerous diseases. Water from kitchen faucets is used in multiple activities, so it must flow clean water. And for other house taps, are also used for washing, drinking, or cleaning purposes. So, to ensure the safety of yourself and your family members, a good quality water filter is necessary to install in every house. Top-quality water filters for kitchen or full house, like from drclarkstore, ensure clean drinking water in every glass fetched. 


Water is essential for living organisms. It helps in day-to-day functions and promotes healthy living. Recent times have shown a significant decline in the availability of clean drinking water. Billions of people around the world strive to get water for drinking, let alone clean water. It has become a lifelong issue and is only becoming more and more complex. The occurrence of major health stores such as drclarkstore gives a sense of security when looking to get water filters installed in the house. It shows that some are working hard to ensure the safety of humanity. To reduce your exposure to harmful pathogens, make sure to:

  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Drink whenever going out for an extended time
  • Carry a water bottle with you all the time
  • Have a good quality water dispenser in your home and workplace.

This will reduce the spread of harmful diseases and keep you hydrated enough to perform all activities efficiently. To ensure maximum safety, consider a water filter for your house; this will give you the top level of security at comfortable options.







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