If you haven’t been in a coma lately you’re probably keenly aware that YouTube has been trying to self-destruct for a while know and gosh darn it looks like they’ve finally found a way. Apparently, from now on YouTube will be banning (with same sort of enthusiasm) extremists channels that publish terrorist recruitment videos and also Logan Paul. That was the middle ground they’ve found over there in the YouTube-land after rightfully coming under fire for refusing to ban a right-wing channel that literally threatens a person’s life by spewing homophobic and racist hatespeech. Let’s start learning how to cashback on our investments into video content without YouTube.

Start Selling Viewing Access and Downloads from Your Own Site

As you can likely tell from a lot of other publishers selling viewing access right on their own sites — this isn’t some unfathomable technology. If they can do it, you can do it. You just need to set a price for either a view or a download for your video content on platforms that are specifically designed to help you sell your digital downloads from your own site. Then there are great pay-per-view options. WordPress is probably one of the most well-known models for pay-per-view set up on your website. Publishers can, in fact, move away from being dependent on the affiliate links or ad revenue and get paid by directly selling their content to people. WordPress offers either pay-per-view option or different kinds of subscriptions. But, your content has to be something really exceptional in order to attract paying customers willing to pay for a subscription to your site or blog.

Use Ad Networks

Start working with ad networks ASAP. A right ad network that employs a team of professionals will help you monetize your video content without hindering the user experience. The only important task here — find a professional ad network that can help you to set up and start running your campaigns right away, the top ones offer highly intuitive self-service platforms where publishers can connect with direct advertisers, monetize their site traffic with best-converting offers and get high CPMs, CPVs , and CPAs. One of the few progressive solutions out there is by Admixer, a full-scale platform for impressions monetization from direct ad sales and ad exchanges. Admixer.Publisher is truly a thing of tech beauty for all publishers, big or small. Admixer can effectively manage ad inventory, run highly effective ad campaigns, generate real-time reports plus and monetize every single impression. They can ensure top-fill rates across all verticals and formats. Moreover, publishers appreciate the abundance of ad formats, the non-standard format library, and the perfect set up templates delivery in all browsers.

Ad Networks are getting more and more popular every day, I just read that The Washington Post has launched the Zeus Prime, or “a premium network for brands and publishers” with a promise to build a new world where advertisers will quickly and effortlessly buy ads in real-time and publishers will have the power to easily to open-up their ad space to direct marketers.

Remember Affiliate marketing? It is still all about making money.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn off your videos while helping your audience and building a relationship with brands you like. Video content was made for affiliate marketing. Videos are a very effective way to get your audience or followers to purchase products or services with your affiliate link. Amazon offers one of the best affiliates programs “Amazon Associates”. With more than 197 million visiting Amazon.com every single month and over 300 million active users, chances are you’ll quickly find your product niche and start earning. And there are just a few very simple steps standing between a publisher and affiliate marketing video monetization — building Amazon Associates profile and creating Amazon Affiliate links.

Pay extra attention to your email marketing

This should be any publishers go-to marketing tool. It is mind boggling when some marketers say that email marketing is either dead or dying, those people need to go back to school. This year statistics proved once more that email marketing is now the KING with a 44 USD return on every dollar spent. If you need a video content monetization boos – this is where you start. First of all, 94% of Internet users have email accounts — that alone should bring everyone aboard the email train. Furthermore, 75% of adult online users have specifically stated that email marketing is their preferred advertisement method. Today, email marketing shows the highest conversion rates of any marketing channel. Thus advertising your video content with email marketing may just become one of the most powerful videos monetizing methods. All that’s left to do is choose a popular email marketing platforms like ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Aweber, and start.

Start using paywalls

You should really make it a rule to put all of your premium video content behind paywalls on your site, blog and on every platform you use to promote your content. More often than not publishers see paywalls as a huge obstacle between people and their content and what they should be seeing is creating value in the eyes of clients. If you haven’t noticed, then we urge you to check for yourself — most of the online publications including, but not limited to, The Atlantic, The NYT, Wired or Bloomberg as well as a very impressive number of others have introduced paywalls long ago. As a publisher you should be actively putting up paywalls when it comes to premium content. That is an effective path to monetization and ultimately profitability.

Stay away from sponsorships

Sponsorships deliver great results to advertisers: sponsored content from a trusted publisher brings 50% higher brand lift to marketers when compared to marketers making their own content. Sponsorships can also be a great way for publishers to make money, especially for those in Instagram, where the sponsored content is thriving nowadays, though, it can also full-on ruin your site or blog, along with the monetization. If you are not a video content guru, your readers/followers in all probability will passionately hate sponsored videos, just because it’ll be evident that you got paid to sell them something they don’t need. Publishers try their hardest to make advertorial seem like real content, though it rarely ever happens — public can sense all of the misleading nitty-gritty content a mile away. But, if your video content is literally perfection that makes people think and feel and either not notice or just don’t care about the product placement in your video — stick with sponsorships, they’ll bring your video earnings to new heights.

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