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Gaming has emerged as the top passion for the millennials in the past two decades. Around the globe, the gaming industry has progressed by leaps and bounds. A vast majority of youth is always in the waiting to get their hands on the latest games. The emergence of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. have provided further impetus to the growing global gaming industry, which not only involves the gamers but also the producers. Some of the biggest names in the industry of game manufacturing include Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, Tencent Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the list goes on and on.

One of the biggest attraction in games for the youth is the chance to play them as a group or a number of groups. Games like Counter Strike, Age of Empires, and PUBG allowed gamers to evolve into a community of a particular game. They find like-minded people and they start playing together with or against each other. For such a virtual activity, they need a hub which is responsible to take care of all the gaming activities. This is called server. There are many types of servers, one of which is Runescape.


What is Runescape?

A Runescape private gaming server allows the gamers to enjoy a particular game with hundreds of other link-minded players.

In short words, a Runescape private server, which is also known as RSPS, is a gaming server based on the original game “RuneScape, which is managed by Jagex. An RSPS is generally managed by a group of individuals, friends, or even cousins to enjoy a particular game.

There come times in the life of gamers when they have to deal with the circumstances of relying heavily on a certain individual to prepare the Runescape server. However, as a gamer, you should be aware of the methodology of preparing a gaming server so that you never have to rely on anyone.

Enjoying games has emerged as one of the biggest recreational activity across the globe. Especially young kids and the ones in their teenage are more indulged into this activity with their classmates, friends, cousins, and even siblings or parents.


Creating a reliable private gaming server is neither a walk in the park nor it is the hardest thing to do under the planet. It does take time to build a Runescape gaming server if you’re looking to enjoy your favorite games with hundreds of other gamers. However, if you have all the required information and expertise as a gamer, you would be able to create your Runescape private server in just five steps. Let’s take a look at how you can create such a server that can make your fellow gamers fall in love with you.


Make Sure You Have the Latest JDK Version

The first and the foremost thing to do before building your very own Runescape private server is to make sure that your machine has the latest version of Java Development Kit (JDK). You will need the Java’s JRE package to get off the mark. If you have already installed the JRE and JDK packages, you can directly start creating your gaming server. You can download the latest version of JRE and JKD at Oracle’s official website. This would allow you to have a subtle and hassle-free gaming sessions with your friends.

Download Server/Client Files for Runescape

Before you start the process, you should know a few basic things about RSPS. The Runescape private server has two facets, i.e. server-side and client-side. The client side is an applet that your players or users will load on their machines to be able to play on your RSPS. The server-side is where all the secrets and game logs and activity logs are saved. If you’re building the private gaming server, you will be on the client-side and hence you will have access to all the information. None of the other players will ever have an access to your RSPS’s server-side. In easy words, your players are your clients on an RSPS and they will connect to your server-side program to enjoy the games.

Creating a Runescape private server right from the scratch is not an easy job since it requires a proper knowledge of programming and a huge time. This is why most of the gamers prefer building a Ghrazi RSPS. Each such resource has its unique set of features therefore it is imperative to study the kind of Runescape server you’re looking to create for gaming.

Host Your Runescape Private Server

Once you have all the required Runescape server files, the next step is to go online. You can pull this task off by hosting a Runescape private server online. There are two easy ways of hosting your server. Most of the guys prefer hosting their gaming servers on their own computer or machine, but you also have the option of hosting it on a rented virtual server.

The reason why most of the gamers opt for hosting their servers on their own machine is the fact that it is easier and absolutely free. However, in such a scenario, you will have to keep your machine online 24/7 so that your players remain connected. The second option of renting a virtual server is also not that an expensive option since prices start at as low as $5 per month. For better connectivity and reliability, it is recommended to opt for rented virtual server.

Run Your Runescape Server

It is quite an easy task because all you have to do is run your private gaming server by opening the Run.bat file. The name of the file may vary depending on the version or source you have got along with the downloaded RSPS source files. Once you complete this process, your Runescape private server comes online.

Spread the Word

The last but not the least step is to let everyone know that you are a proud owner of a Runescape private gaming server. This particular activity would allow you to have an active clan of gamers.

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