Most of have just got done with the end of the year holiday season and the new year has already started slowly due to rough weather for most of us. That being said, the season of love and romance will already kick start with February and spring is all about weddings and nuptials. Weddings are exciting because they are simply cute and they are your chance to dress like a princess. As someone who is not associated with the glamour world, most of us do not get a chance to wear those beautiful dresses every day and when a wedding comes up, no one wants to miss the opportunity to grab that dress we have been dreaming of wearing.

If you have a few weddings lined up this year, this guide will help you plan your look and look on point and in line with the latest fashion trends.

Start Planning Now

Even if you have locked in your house at the moment thanks to the polar vortex and do not have a wedding to attend until March, thank mother nature for all this time that you have at your disposal. Grab your laptop or tablet and get on with your homework. Search for the latest trends and everything that is in for the upcoming wedding seasons. If you can get your hands on some discount deals or promo codes, grab them because that is the best way to get some cheap wedding dresses. Look for online stores for designs and styles and shortlist the ones that interest you. If you do not have the lean or hour-glass shaped body frame, do not fret over it. All you will need is a bit of research to find vendors who do plus size wedding dresses. You can also completely ditch the off-the-rack shopping and order a customized outfit for yourself, because if you have so much time, why not avail it to the best.

Picking the Right Dress

There is no way you can label a dress good or bad point blank. A good dress for person A might turn out to be a very poor choice for person B. Wedding dresses and gowns should be picked based on what you can carry without any discomfort or awkwardness and what complements your body type. Also in some situations, such as destination or beach weddings make sure your dress will be wearable and practical in that environment. Avoid long-tailed gowns if you are a mommy who has kids to manage or if you will be attending a beach wedding. Avoid mermaid cuts unless you have a lean body and avoid too much drapery or flares if you are very skinny.

Hair, Makeup and Accessories

It is 2019 and less is more when it comes to fashion accessories and makeup. Make sure there is not too much going on your face and body. Wear wrist accessories only if you do not have sleeves otherwise let it pass. Decide on either wearing a necklace or earrings and not both. Stick to nude makeup and if you want to go for bold hues use them either on the lips or on the eyes but not on both areas.

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