Every year large numbers of Asian people undergo eyelid surgery to make their eyes look bigger and beautiful. Asian double eyelid surgery is a very popular procedure, says the health and beauty site TheLookBook. One of the main reasons is that the eyes with creases are considered more attractive.

After the surgery, applying makeup such as eye shadow and mascara becomes easier and the eyes look more “awake”. Also, the procedure has a rejuvenating effect and surprisingly natural results.

Why People Get Eyelid Surgery?

What happens as we age is that there are changes with the skin. It gets thin and stretches. Also, we lose a significant amount of volume in our face, not only in the soft tissue but in the bony facial structures. Our facial soft tissue, because of gravity, and because of rubbing, it drops. All of these things contribute to the aging process. With this aging process, the eyelids lose strength and they drop as well.

Most people that consider upper eyelid surgery have one of these issues:

  • They may have extra skin forms on the upper eyelid, which treatment for it is blepharoplasty;
  • They can have droopy eyelids, which the treatment for it is ptosis surgery;
  • They can have droopy brows – the treatment for that being a brow lift procedure.

Types of Eyelid Surgery

There are many different types of eyelid surgery depending on upper or lower eyelids are being addressed. These can include:

  • upper eyelid surgery;
  • lower eyelid surgery to remove excess skin;
  • upper eyelid surgery to correct drooping eyelid;
  • fat transfer around the eyes to hollowing of the eyelids;
  • resurfacing of the eyelid skin with lasers to improve fine crepey skin;
  • removal repositioning of fat pads that are bulging, for example, the lower eyelid region.

When performing eyelid surgery on the lower eyelid specifically there can be internal or external incisions made to accomplish the goals.

Double eyelid surgery can be performed using an incisional method or without an incision.

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Cosmetic double eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty involves removing the extra skin from the upper eyelid to create a crease. The procedure consists:

  • The crease and skin removal design;
  • The eyelid is flipped to measure the ideal crease;
  • The design for skin removal is drawn;
  • A local anesthetic is made;
  • The fat is released;
  • A small amount of fat is precisely removed;
  • The skin and the muscle are attached to create the crease;
  • The skin and crease are closed with fine stitches.

What You Need to Do Before Having Double Eyelid Surgery?

The first thing you should know is that you should consult with an oculoplastic surgeon. That is probably one of the most important things you can do. It’s also important to find the best person to treat your eyes.

What you need to explain on your initial consultation are your concerns you’ve had and any kind of medical problems you’ve had such as eye surgery, any allergies, any medications you take. Once that is done, you will have a comprehensive exam. After that, the surgeon will give you an individualized treatment plan. Everyone’s anatomy is different, the exposure to a different environment is different, and the treatments need to be individualized for you. Once the doctor goes over the treatment plan, whether it is surgery, whether it is a non-surgical treatment, you can have all your questions and concerns answered.

Recovery Time After Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery recovery usually takes about one to three weeks. The stitches normally come off in one week. On the first day, you should avoid any activity. During the first week, the eyes may look swollen, bruised, and redness. This one week period is time that you should rest and ice the most. That will help you to heal faster and better. An important fact about healing is that smokers take up two times longer to heal. If you are a smoker it’s better to consider quit smoking. Most bruising will be gone after two weeks and then also you can start wearing makeup at about two weeks on. You can return to your normal activities and exercise after about two weeks. You will start to see the final results of the operation in about six weeks. One important thing you shouldn’t do during recovery for the surgery is to rub or scratch the area.

A lot of people want to know how long does this surgery lasts. As we mentioned before, there two types of double eyelid surgery – incisional and non-incision. The incision method is considered the most permanent way to create a crease. The non-incision procedure does not allow the doctor to have full control of the anatomy. For some people, this method may be not effective or even not the right option. The most common approach to create double eyelids is the incision technique.

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