At this point, you’ve done whatever groundwork you needed to, to develop the app you’ve always wanted. You probably have high expectations in terms of immediate downloads and returns.

If you’re one of those app developers, who think they have what it takes to get to the top of the charts, read on.

Why do you need app reviews?

There are currently around 4.8 million apps across Android and iOS and trying to make your app stand out in the crowd can be quite difficult, especially when you’re just starting out.

So how do you get people to notice your app? One of the best ways to get noticed is to rank on top within a search field, if your’s is the first app someone sees when they search for something on the App Store the chances of your app being downloaded drastically increase, ASO can be very helpful here.

App Store Optimization (ASO) methods factor in the various parameters the App Store considers to rank an app high and optimizes the content related to your app in such a way that it will boost your ranking.

The other things people look at before downloading an app are reviews and ratings. A study conducted by Apptentive showed that nearly 59% of people read reviews and look at ratings before downloading an app.

When your app is brand new to the App Store it can be quite difficult to get people to download it and take the time to review it. There are companies like that incentivize their users to download and review new apps, these companies can be really helpful when it comes to giving your app that push it requires.

What is a good app review?

A good app review clearly explains the various functions, features, pros, and cons of an application. Your app’s success largely depends on the quality of your app and the number of good app reviews.

Such reviews tend to attract customers and convince them to try your application.

How do you get a significant number of good app store reviews for iOS?

Now that you know the importance of app reviews, here are a few ways you can get your app review on the App Store.

Develop a great app

First and foremost, build a quality application. Nothing you do in terms of marketing can salvage a poorly designed app. Spend a reasonable amount of time building and testing your app and incorporate the feedback you get every step of the way.

Creating a fantastic first impression is the name of the game in today’s scenario.

Find a Catchy Name

This is another factor that tends to be taken lightly. The purpose of an app name is to give the user an idea of what the app does. An app name that is easy to spell and remember will make it easier for your app to stand out from the rest.

A good app name is easy to remember. Memorability goes a long way given how most apps are discovered during searches.

Buy app store reviews for iOS

A great way to increase the number of app reviews is to buy app reviews for iOS. This is an option app developers ought to seriously look into if they want to watch their app reviews soar.

Many companies offer these services. One such company is

The function of these services is to provide app developers with 100% ratings and five-star reviews with specified custom keywords. Their users are real, and the reviews they give you are 100% organic.

A service like this seems to be a fantastic investment seeing how their prices are flexible, and the results are almost instantaneous.

Be sure to note that the number of keywords and five-star reviews, among other features, varies with each plan offered. If you decide that their standard plans aren’t enough for you, you can choose to go for a custom plan that suits your budget and goals.

You also have the option of sending content to the company that its users can use for the reviews if you want a firm grip on the quality of each review. This should be enough to tell you why you should buy app store reviews for iOS.

Using the right keywords

To say that this method is critical is an understatement. The importance of using keywords can barely be stressed enough because it proves to be a game-changer, even for low market penetration apps.

Your app can gain high visibility through app store optimization (ASO). This is where using the right keywords comes into play.

Make sure you spend some time looking for the right keywords to go with your app. Once you have a list of custom keywords, use them in the title and the app description.

A short yet engaging app description is highly likely to get through to the users and make them download your app. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that you can expect positive, reassuring reviews subsequently.

Continuous app evolution

The apps that top the chart have updates going for them all the time. Their developers pay close attention to user feedback and incorporate it into every app update they release.

Updating your app on a regular basis is critical to stay relevant in today’s volatile market. The app store values relevance and the apps that top the charts tend to be relevant.

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