If you have a toddler or child at home, then you must not skip this post. Music always helps kids to grow faster, learn quicker and become more expressive. There are so some phenomenal musical and learning videos that everyone should have for sure.

It is not just about music or learning but about fun too. The videos you would learn about in this post will give your child a wonderful time, a learning experience and enjoyment too. And bonus is that you along with your child won’t even mind watching these videos manifold times because these are that good. These all videos are relatively short, so that is not too scruffy, either. Watching the finest videos for kids on this list is going to teach your child how to be a kind and unselfish friend. Your kids are going to get proven tricks for how to tackle their big, scary emotions. Kids can also learn important life lessons such as why they should accept others even if they are different and so on. Without waiting any second have a look at some of the videos below:

The Power of a Breath

This is a video that tells the kids about how they can control their emotions, moods and feelings with the way they breathe. The video would not just engage your child but also make them a better person when it comes to breathing. Proper breathing would not just keep the child fit and relaxed but also help him stay focussed.

How Mindfulness Empowers Us

It might sound like a serious thing for a child but it is not. The video is made in a way that the child would get to know about how mindfulness can make him or her better person. The engaging content and funny aliments will attract the child. It is a wonderful Animation Narrated by Sharon Salzberg. Your child would definitely find it entertaining, engaging and enlightening.

Difference between Empathy and Sympathy

T is another incredible short video that would make your child differentiate between empathy and sympathy. This video is about Brené Brown on Empathy and would help your child understand the concept in a convenient and childlike manner. Where these concepts sound like a whole new problem and trouble; videos like these make it easy for anyone to understand them well.

An Important Message about Body Image

In this video the watchers can Step off the Scale with Gabby Reece and Reece Hamilton. The video talks about the body image in a decent manner and friendly way. The child would get to know about body aspects that you might not be able to make them understand in a cohesive manner. But this video aces at imparting the needed information with ease.

Thus, these were a few of the many videos that you should encourage your child to watch. These videos impart an important message and also engage your child in a positive manner. You can also download all these videos with the help of Vidmate for Android. This application would allow you to download the videos in any format and at any time and that too free.

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