Nobody wants to be in a car accident, but in reality, there are millions of people each year who find themselves in these situations. Then there is the instant panic, where you go blank and can’t think of what to do next. You start to worry about the other party involved and what would happen next.

Things like whether there would be police involved or car accident lawyers in Miami would be hired, etc. Even though you try to do the right thing, your mind quickly starts going through the entire scenario, again and again, finding you ways that you can defend yourself. However, if the accident has occurred through no fault of your own, there is absolutely no need to worry.

Action plan

While it is a given that car accident lawyers in Miami would go a long way in helping you, there are some tips that you can remember yourself. The following things are like the immediate responses that you can have after you have been in an accident. These are-

  1. Stop and check – The most important thing is to stop at the scene of the accident and check for any injuries and other people’s safety. Assess the situation in your mind and respond practically. Make sure everyone involved is okay and that there are no signs of imminent danger (like smoke),
  2. Call 911 and the police – If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately. The authorities have to be reported about the accident. Even if there is only minor damage, alert the police or the highway patrol and follow the procedures after that. These first responders would surely take care of the situation in the best manner possible. Police accident reports might also be a requirement in claiming insurance for the accident losses.
  3. Talk and be friendly – Talk to people involved in the accident and be kind to them. It would also help you to exchange personal information like names and numbers with them. You can also note down their license plate number and home addresses. Any information that you can get off the scene would immensely help your car accident lawyers in Miami. Even some information of witnesses involved in the accidents would be beneficial. Taking pictures of the scene would also help.
  4. Accident report privilege – If you believe that you are in the right, do not hesitate at all to talk to the officers of the law. Your statements cannot be used in a personal injury trial, according to the law. This is what the ‘accident report privilege’ is all about. It is to encourage people to be as honest as possible in the initial reporting of the situation.
  5. Call your car accident lawyers in Miami – After you have done whatever you can, it is time to bring in the professionals. Car accident lawyers in Miami would be able to give you a professional assessment of the situation and how you are placed. They would take care of all the formalities involved and would work towards getting you the most amount of compensation possible.

Do remember

No matter what you do, the most important thing is to stay at the site of the accident. Fleeing a scene with damage or injuries is punishable under the law in the state of Florida. If you leave the scene, it sends either a guilty or a non-serious accident message, both of which would not come in handy in trial and with insurance companies. What you want to do is keep calm and follow the simple steps mentioned above. Eventually, car accident lawyers in Miami would come in to assist and guide you through it all.

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