New tires last longer if you take good care. As we all know that new tires are expensive, proper care will not only save money on new ones but also ensure a smooth & safe drive.

No matter what quality of tires you invest in, they’re the only point of contact between your car and the road. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s imperative to preserve the quality & performance of the tires to ensure safety and optimal performance. To help you do so, experts have come up with a few useful advises. There are a few effective things that you can do to care for new tires alongside helping them to last longer. So let’s dive in;

Contact Patch

While driving, the part of your car tire actually in contact with the pavement is just the size of your hand. So obviously, your safety and fuel economy depends on that small patch. Therefore, you must not only select the right set of tires but also regularly maintain ensure the optimal performance.

It’s extremely important because your tires carry the entire weight of your vehicle which is typically a load of up to 50 times your own weight. Besides, the car tires have to be in tip-top shape in order to respond to driving inputs like steering, acceleration and braking.

Tire Wear, Depth & Performances

All tires don’t perform the same, and these differences increase as tires start to wear. Nowadays, the technologies developed by the research & development teams have made tires strong enough to offer a level of performance & grip close to new tire during the entire life until the legal wear limit reaches.

With such level of performance, replacing tire prematurely won’t guarantee a gain in safety & performance. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm. Make sure you check the tread depth in several places around the tire using the gauge as recommended by the manufacturer.

Handling & Storage

Even if you aren’t using the car for quite a few weeks now, still the tires can get into a hazardous terrain. As per the experts’ recommendation, the tire shouldn’t be stored in stacks for a long period unless they’re assembled & inflated. So make sure you avoid crushing the tires under objects.

Moreover, the stored tires in Abu Dhabi should be kept away from any flame, any heat source or substance that can cause sparks/electrical discharges. Also, make sure you wear protective gloves while handling tires. While storing tires, protect it from direct sunlight and direct precipitation. Also, you should keep it away from any chemicals, hydrocarbons and solves.

Tire Repairs

When the tires need repair, let the specialist look after this. First of all, just remove the tire from the wheel and inspect it from inside. It’s imperative since the internal damage won’t be visible while tire the tire is mounted. In case you’re a bit mechanically inclined, you can do it yourself as well. No matter which car tyre brands you use, make sure you look after all the regular maintenance to get the most out of it.

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