When it comes to detoxifying your body for a drug test, there are numerous methods. For drug tests such as a blood or urine test, it’s possible to drink enough water, and use other tools such as multivitamins, increased urine production, and even increased water in the bloodstream. Another method that people get away with drug tests is using screener herbs that can mask the drug that they have in their system. They use an herbal supplement like Goldenseal and more to add to their system which blocks the perceptual testing of the drug. Because of this, hair follicle tests are dominating the drug testing market, but now there’s ways to even beat that. In this article, we’re going to tell you the best shampoo for drug tests.

What is Aloe Rid?

Aloe Rid Shampoo was first introduced years ago by the company Nexus, and has sense been repackaged and found by TESTCLEAR, as the new ultra clean drug testing shampoo. Users who have purchased this product have stated over and over again that it works to get rid of drug traces from your hair, and with the product, you can even order a hair drug test to use at home to test and see the results. One byproduct in the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo is a two-part system that can fully detoxify your hair and strip it clean, and then you use their ultra clean shampoo in order to remove the drug successfully from your cortex of the follicle (the pores).

How does Aloe Rid Work?

They claim that it contains propane glycol, but it is also known as the more common propylene glycol. This drug opens your pores and strips your pores clean of the drugs. You then wash the product off with their ultraclean shampoo which also remoisturized your hair with the essence of aloe vera barbadensis leaf extract.

How Successful is it?

In order for the product to be successful, they recommend that you use it for approximately an entire week up to 10 days before you have a possible drug test, especially if it’s for an employer. This product can then on continuous use keep stripping the chemical from your hair, but actually doesn’t harm the dead hair cells themselves. Because of this frequent use, you are basically cleaning a little bit at a time of drugs like THC and more, and can eliminate the chances of failing a hair follicle test.


TESTCLEAR offers their products for a great price, and they have been proven to work in numerous cases. While they offer these products, they say the same thing that this article will. Using this product to pass a drug test doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for help or treatment if you have an actual drug problem or addiction. This is no means a treatment form, and it shouldn’t be abused, just as a substance shouldn’t. But some people have literally tried something once, didn’t like it, then end up losing their job due to drug tests that can ensue at random times, or even at scheduled times (some companies have been known to warn that drug testing is coming soon in order for employees to keep their jobs), which makes Aloe Rid a prime pick to use in situations like this.

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