Self-comparison can be a healthy process. It probably helps in evaluating your potential with each step that you make and find any space for improvement to work upon. 

But what doesn’t fit into the picture is comparing yourself to others, be it your friend who just got promoted or your sibling who finally secured his dream job. However, comparisons can rev up your low self-esteem to perform better. But it turns harmful when they deviate you from your target, leaving you to question your worth. 

So how to beat off the track of the negative chain of self-criticism and direct yourself towards your goal? Well, here are some tips to guide you through.

Assess your biases

Comparison is a natural process, and most often, we tend to compare our head starts with others’ success, our weaknesses with someone’s strengths. And that doesn’t seem to be justified at any level as we all altogether possess a different set of plus and minus points.

Therefore, whenever you find yourself comparing yourself to others, take a moment to pause and acknowledge your thoughts, shifting your focus accordingly. Whenever you find yourself in the realm of comparison, remind yourself that you are no less than those around you.

Maintain a distance from the triggering elements 

Certain things can end up triggering oneself, leading to traumas. Studies show that social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.—where people often compare their lives with their online friends can end up triggering anxiety and depression

Hence, if going through your Instagram feed makes you feel pathetic about yourself, then it’s high time to take an off from your social network. To start with, try minimizing the time that you spend scrolling through social media and invest it in doing something productive.

Work on yourself

The best method to get out of the trap of comparison is to focus on your own progress. Channelize all your energy and efforts in building a better version of yourself.  

More so, be around those who bring out the best in you. Try to keep yourself indulged in things that you enjoy and celebrate your small victories. You can also try activities like meditation or can check out as the motivational words of Prem Rawat can surely lift you.

Make peace with what you have

We often tend to fail at counting on the blessings that we’re bestowed with, and that’s what keeps us filled with the feeling of envy. Hence, it is necessary to direct your focus towards what you have and be grateful for everything. This will diverge your mind towards deducing how you can make things work with all that you’ve got instead of sabotaging the achievements of others. 

We all have our own flaws, and nobody is perfect. But the thing is to make peace with your imperfections and learn to be okay with everything that you’ve got. Instead of making comparisons with others, strive to work on yourself, and improve with each passing day without the thought of being someone that you’re not.

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