A guitar compressor pedal is one of the pedals that guitar players can take advantage of to better their guitar play. This pedal is not as popular as other guitar pedals because it is usually overlooked by lots of guitar players.

The compressor pedal is a pedal that adds a very subtle effect on guitar sounds. Its effect in your play is sometimes not easily noticed. As a result of this, intermediate, as well as beginner guitar players make the mistake of not giving it any attention. Although a lot of guitar players might not take compressor pedals seriously, you can make your guitar experience a lot better when you make use of a compression pedal in the right way.

A compression pedal does not give a guitar an effect that it does not have. It simply balances the sound of the guitar by enhancing the strength of a tone and hiding its flaws. It does this by making the sound produced by guitars more balanced and better sustained. When used by a guitar player, a compressor pedal can go a long way in enhancing the sound produced by your guitar. This is how it works; naturally, when a note is sounded from a guitar, that note fades away really quickly. With a compression pedal, the life of a note played by the guitar can be extended because a compression pedal increases the volume of a note as it decays and fades away.

Although the above explanation of the function of a compression pedal is good enough reason to make use of one, there are a lot of other reasons why guitar players should make use of compression pedals. One of these reasons is compressor pedals can be very beneficial to people that make use of the fingerstyle. When making use of the fingerstyle picking pattern on an electric guitar, achieving balanced sound can be quite tricky. The simple reason for this is when guitar strings are not played with one finger, such things as volume and dynamics might vary. This might seem like a major challenge, with a compressor pedal, it is no challenge at all as the compressor pedal can balance the sound and the dynamics of all the guitar strings and make them sound alike.

How to Use a Compressor Pedal

Compressor pedals feature a “level control” and a “sustain control.” These two controls can be used in keeping the duration of sustain and volume associated with the use of a compressor pedal in check. A compressor pedal comes with various knobs. More popular types come with tone and attack control. With an attack and tone control, you can regulate how rapidly compression takes place and how warm you want a guitar note to sound.

A compressor pedal is indeed very effective in getting your guitar to sound a lot better than it would in the absence of any enhancement, for you to enjoy all that a compressor pedal has to offer, you will have to take out time to learn how to use it.

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