A guitar overdrive pedal is one tool a lot of guitarists look up to when they need a unique effect on their play. When used by a guitarist, it provides a sound which can be likened to the sound that is made by a cranked amplifier which is close to a breakup. A guitar overdrive pedal is perhaps the most famous type of guitar pedal. The implication of this is there is a huge supply for it. This ultimately makes shopping for a guitar overdrive pedal a lot challenging, especially for beginners.

There is indeed an ample availability of guitar overdrive pedals. That, however, will not be a source of confusion to you after you go through this article.

Contained in this article is a guide that will help you buy the right guitar overdrive pedal without having to go through any form of stress.

How to Select the Right Guitar Overdrive Pedal

When analyzed in detail, even the most similar guitar overdrive pedals have major differences, and all offer something special. Some pedals are known to be more effective when playing a certain style of music. The implication of this is the type of guitar overdrive pedal you buy will be a lot dependent on the type of music you play. If you play a lot of blues, while other guitar overdrive pedals can help get the job done, a blues driver style pedal will be most ideal for you. Also, if you are more into rock music, you will need to purchase a Tube-Screamer type pedal.

When buying a guitar overdrive pedal, one thing you have to also consider is your budget. There are guitar overdrive pedals that might produce the same sound or very closely similar sounds under the same condition. However, one of these guitar overdrive pedals might be expensive while the other might be cheap. The fact that one guitar overdrive pedal is expensive and the other is cheap does not necessarily imply that the expensive one is good and the cheap one is bad. Although the costly guitar overdrive pedal will be regarded as being better, what you intend to use a pedal for should be put into consideration. If you intend making use of the guitar overdrive pedal you are purchasing for major concerts; you might need to go for something more expensive. But if you need a guitar overdrive pedal solely for rehearsing in your room, there is nothing wrong with buying a cheap guitar overdrive pedal.

What sounds great to one person might not sound so good to another person. Going by this, when buying a guitar overdrive pedal, sometimes all you need to do is stick to a sound that you consider good. When you try out a couple of guitar overdrive pedals, the best thing to do is select the pedal which sounds best to you. This might not exactly sound great to another person, but that does not matter as you will be the one making use of it.

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