Clean, dirt-free and protected drinking water is not available these days just because of growth in population, development of industries and various other factors. It is essential that everyone must know the different purification techniques which are used to purify the polluted water. They can clean the water by home techniques or can buy the water purifiers which are available in the market to ensure that drinking water is of good quality. In the water, many minerals are already present which are very important for the human body. Any advance water purifier removes extra salts, balanced particles and microbes, and retains essential vitamins and minerals of water. Now days so many manufacturers are available in water purification industry, and they produce a variety of water purifiers, so it is tough to find out which one is good, and what one is not and also need to check that a purifier must meet to all the necessary standards. Best water purifiers coming with all the required measures to purify the water and they also provide the customer helpline services; the kent water purifier customer service is the best service because it gives home and calls assistance both.Water purifiers’ work according to the mechanical principle where first, they suck contaminated raw water, filter the impurities that go from the sediments to the microorganisms and then give out clean water. However, a purifier can eliminate viruses and bacteria. Some purifiers use chemicals, and others use an electrostatic charge to kill or confine microorganism.

Categories of RO water purifiers: – A water purifier based on reverse osmosis does not use any compound or light to purify the water. The RO purifier uses a fragile membrane of up to a small number of microns to filter the water by preventing impurities from passing through the layer. The membrane in an RO purifier makes the RO purifier most popular from other purifiers and makes it the best water purifier for domestic use. The layer present in the RO purifier can remove salts from the water, which is only possible in the types of RO water purifiers.

There are two types of RO purifiers available for household purposes.•

  • RO purifier under the sink
  • Wall-mounted Ro purifier

Both the under-the-sink and the wall-mounted RO purifier have a tank for the storage of water; this tank stores the purified water. Purified water is still available in the tank if the electricity is not available.

Wall-mounted RO:-The RO purifier for wall mounting is the mostly used purifier, which generally has a storage capacity of 5 to 10 litres. There is only one problem with RO water purifiers is that there is a waste of water. Then, people can use dirty water in an appropriate way like they clean the house and clean or can be used in the garden also.

Water purifiers under the sink:- In the modern houses, the kitchen space is very compact due to this reason under sink RO purifiers are gaining popularity. The pure water outlet cock is fixed next to the kitchen tap and will be easy to use. This type of RO purifiers has the RO water pressure storage vessels that have a storage capacity of 5 litres.

Various advantages of the RO water purifier

  • The RO water purifier kills bacteria, viruses and, it also removes the dead bodies of bacteria, viruses from water, it is only possible in RO water purifiers.
  • RO water purifier removes heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and dissolved salts from water.
  • The RO with TDS Controller retains all the natural minerals in the water.
  • It is easy to maintain, operate and compact in size.
  • With the help of RO water purifiers, people get safe and tasty drinking water.

Some Disadvantages of the RO water purifier

  • RO water purifiers require high pressure of water and water is wasted in the reject stream where the dead bodies of germ and bacteria will come.
  • In this Purifiers if we need 2 litres of water, then we have to add 4 litres of water.
  • Requires electrical energy to work.
  • The amount of water which is full of germs or not in use is the same as the amount of pure water.

The advantages of the RO water purifier overcome the disadvantages of it. The above problems are minimal compared to the benefits of the RO water purifier. The benefits of RO are more as compared to its problems. All the above issues are minimal as compared to its significant benefits. Whenever anyone is going to, but the purifiers then keep in mind about the type of RO purifier what they want and what is best for their kitchen.

Today all the humans are living in a world where everything from food to air to water is contaminated or we can say polluted. For the everyday human needs to drink water to survive, but if the water is not purified correctly, then it can cause very problems or health issues and easily make anyone sick. Drinking pure water is one of the essential things to have a healthy life. RO water purifiers are considering as the main efficient and reliable water purify method, which can clean water with high levels of TDS. Reverse osmosis, ultraviolet and ultrafiltration are the three most common water purification systems available to consumers. RO is a very efficient way to clean the water. RO performs majorly two functions that are; Water softening and water purification. RO used in the home because it only cleans the water particles or water impurities not any other. Nowadays people select the brand in water purifiers who give the customer care service, and every band have their customer care number so that customer calls them anytime when the problem occurs. Various brands provide this service to their customers, and Kent is a big brand in the water purifier industry they provide Kent ro helpline number for 24*7 hours available for the customer, As far cost is a concern, it is easy to afford and easy to maintain because its prices are very less.

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