A pressure cooker

If you haven’t discovered the convenience and versatility of a pressure cooker yet you have been missing out. Pressure cookers cook food in the fraction of the time it would, for instance, to cook something in the oven. The principle is simple and according to Wikipedia, “the cooker works by trapping the steam produced from boiling the cooking liquid inside the vessel. This causes internal pressure and temperature to rise quickly. After use, the steam is slowly released so that the vessel can be opened safely”. We certainly recommend a pressure cooker especially if you lead a busy life and need to cook food quickly – it only takes approximately 20 minutes to cook a whole chicken!

A food processor


There’s a difference between a food processor and a blender. Both of which are equally useful in a kitchen. A food processor is good for making dips, salsas, and tapenades; bread and pastry doughs; shredding cheese and chopping vegetables. A blender is useful for tasks such as making smoothies and milkshakes, soups and marinades. We would recommend having both a food processor and a blender since they perform different tasks, but if you can’t decide do some research into the products you are interested in and decide by what you are likely to make most often. Check out all great appliances for many options to choose from.

A dishwasher

Ah yes, the humble dishwasher. A staple in any kitchen used on an almost daily basis, what can we say – your new kitchen needs one of these. However, there are many brands to choose from, so you may feel overwhelmed. Keeping your budget in mind try to go for a dishwasher from a well-known reputable brand and remember to check the energy rating on the appliance to make sure you get as an energy efficient one as your budget can take.

A steamer

Another versatile item to have in your kitchen is a food steamer. You can steam rice and vegetables in under 40 minutes and it’s a breeze to clean! Your rice also won’t burn and it leaves the rice nice and fluffy too. Be sure to pack your vegetables correctly though as some flavors can transfer into the next level of the steamer, so do bear that in mind. And if you haven’t heard that it’s healthy to steam your vegetables, where have you been? So get on it and order one today!

A water filter

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but a good quality water filter is something worth considering for your new kitchen. There are ones that are easy to install and don’t require a lot of maintenance. It will make your water taste better and get rid of some of the chemicals in the water such as chlorine and other nasty chemicals that aren’t always removed properly from the water when it comes out of the tap.

A coffee machine

All the coffee addicts will be well pleased to see we have included a coffee machine on our list. If you’ve ever had a coffee machine before you’ll know the taste is remarkably better than the instant coffee they sell. Now, we’re not putting down the instant coffee – there’s always a time and place for that but coffee from a coffee machine takes your coffee making to a whole other level. If you’re interested in making the best cup of coffee why not attend a barista course to learn to make the best of your machine and produce the most satisfying cup of coffee you can.

A good set of knives

A sharp, decent set of knives is your best friend in the kitchen. If you can’t afford to buy a full set of knives, and good quality knives are expensive, perhaps invest in a chef’s knife and paring knife as a starting point. As with a lot of kitchen necessities, there are many knives and brands to choose from so do your research beforehand and rather stick with a well-known and reputable brand. You may even want to invest in a knife sharpener as this is a handy tool to have in the kitchen too.

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