Before water is directed to homes or commercial places, it’s usually filtered to rid it of impurities. Chlorine is also added to ensure it’s pathogen-free. However, that doesn’t make the water 100% safe or better tasting. Depending on the particular area you reside in, the water you use may still contain various unwanted minerals, farm chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Besides that, the chlorine that’s meant to make the water sterile causes it to smell and taste unpleasant. Chlorine also leads to the production of cancer-causing compounds when it reacts with specific contaminants that may be present in water. Those chemicals need to be removed for health reasons and to improve the water taste.

To ensure the water you use is both clean and drinkable, it’s essential that you invest in a filtration system. These come in different types, but which are mainly categorized into the point of entry and point of use filters. POU water filtration systems cost less to buy and install. They also allow you to select a model whose filtration capabilities meets your filtered water needs. You can install a POU water filter at the sink or you can opt for those that you place on the counter in your kitchen. They filter type you settle for depends on many considerations such as the benefits it offers or your requirements for clean water.

Many people prefer countertop water filtration units for their high level of portability and convenience. Countertop filters don’t require a complicated installation, plus they’re one of the most affordable water filtration systems on the market. Due to their portable nature, you can use these types of filters both in your home and the workplace. Also, when on the go and don’t trust the water out there to be clean enough to drink. When looking for the right countertop filter to buy, it’s advisable that you choose a high-quality model. The reasons for that are many and varied.

You’re Assured of Efficient Filtration

Considering that not many pollutants are taken care of at water treatment facilities, efficient filtration is essential in the countertop filter you buy. A quality model removes many different contaminants, achieving a filtration level of more than 99%. It ensures water that’s not only clean but also without the unpleasant odor or taste of chlorine and other chemicals. Speaking of filtration efficiency, there are water filter brands that are famed for being highly effective. Apex, Berkey and Aquasana tops the list of the best countertop water filters out there, with the capability to remove a wide range of impurities. Apart from cleaner water, an efficient filtration unit assures you of a constant supply of filtered water, which brings us to the next benefit of choosing high-quality models.

Better Water Flow

The amount of filtered water that a countertop unit supply is measured at a rate of gallons/minute which is usually shortened to GPM. The higher the GPM the model features, the more useful it is. It means you won’t waste time waiting for water to reach a usable amount- a necessity if your daily schedule is a tight one and you cannot afford to lose even a minute. Low-quality filters don’t produce adequate amounts of water. That can be an inconvenience if you have a large family or in situations where you use filtered water for other purposes besides drinking. Quality water filters will, on the other hand, provide you with enough water to cater for your needs and at any time.

More and Better Features

Choosing a quality countertop filter means quality in every aspect of the filtration system from the design, construction materials with capabilities and functionalities. Quality units are visually attractive and made from sturdy materials that don’t break easily. On top of that, such water filters come with features that enhance usability. They include automatic mechanisms to enable effortless operation and displays that indicate or allow for the adjustment of various settings. Some high-end models tell you the type of contaminants present in the water reaching the appliance while others alert you of a filter that requires to be changed. All these features can only be found in a high-quality water filter.

Easy and Low-Cost Maintenance

A quality countertop unit comes with a filter that’s not only efficient but also long-lasting. You won’t have to replace it as often, with some going up to a year before needing to be changed. That means fewer costs to keep the filtration system going throughout the appliances’ lifetime. It’s more cost-effective than maintaining low-quality filters that clog or break down every few weeks or months. Considering that filters are costly components of a countertop filtration unit, you may want to choose the model you buy carefully so that you end up with an appliance that costs you a fortune to maintain.

A Lengthy Warranty

Although not always, quality countertop filters come backed by warranties that cover several years. Some even feature lifetime guarantees allowing you an unlimited opportunity to have your broken water filter repaired or replaced. But it’s usually unlikely for these filtration units to break down soon after purchase and the reason why the manufacturers willingly offer longer warranties. However, things do happen, and your countertop water filter can develop problems. An extended warranty allows you to enjoy repairs or replacements over a long time, a privilege that you mostly get when you choose a high-quality water filter.

A Longer Lifespan

Quality appliances last longer, and the countertop water filter is no exception. Despite the higher price, choosing a model that’s quality assures you of longevity, with the unit serving you for years before you need to replace it. In most of the cases, the longer lifespan offsets the high purchase price in the long run. Compared to the situation where you have to buy several low-quality units over the years, a quality countertop filter presents a more cost-effective option.

Choosing a high-quality countertop water filtration unit offers many benefits. Apart from the advantages of an appliance that you can use anywhere, you’re assured of a highly efficient filter for cleaner and healthier water. You’re also guaranteed of filtered water that’s always available and in adequate amounts. A quality water filter is a durable appliance that serves you for years, besides costing you less to maintain. With most of these countertop filters coming backed by extended warranties, repairs or replacement of faulty parts will be taken care of over a long period, relieving you of the possible expenses through the product’s lifespan. You only need to ensure you buy the best model, and from a top manufacturer.

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