If you decide to replace your windows with new double-glazed ones, a number of questions will undoubtedly arise: which double-glazed window to choose, how to properly install it, and how much does such a structure cost.

Buyers can now choose between windows with one, two, or three panes. Structures differ in sound insulation, thermal conductivity, thickness light transmittance. Each option has its advantages and characteristics.

We shall attempt to understand the intricacies of the choice and the benefits of different types of windows.

Differences between double and triple pane windows – which is better?

Double pane window

The standard design includes two panes and one inter-pane space.  Glasses are installed at a certain distance – depending on the desired level of heat and sound insulation.

Advantages of double-glazed windows:

  • High coefficient of resistance to heat transfer.  Windows with double glazing effectively prevent the penetration of cold into the room and retain heat well, which reduces heating costs.
  • Sound insulation from 29 dB with an outer glass thickness of 4 mm.  With this soundproofing, street noises will be muffled.  If the thickness of the glass is 6 millimeters, then the sound insulation doubles.
  • The level of light transmission is 77%.  The room will be comfortable and brightly lit.
  • Only two wizards are needed to install the double pane windows.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Optimal cost.

Triple pane window

A standard window consists of three window panes separated by a spacer.  The thickness of the glasses may vary.  

Advantages of a triple pane window unit:

  • The triple-pane window system has a high heat transfer resistance coefficient.  A window is twice as effective in protecting a room from heat loss as a one pane window, and up to 25% more efficient than a double-glassed window.
  • If it is necessary, you can increase the width of the chambers and use energy-saving glasses, which will also increase the resistance to heat transfer.
  • Excellent sound insulation properties.  By installing such windows, you will not hear the noise of a passing car.  The sound of a train, tram, or high-frequency noise will be almost indistinguishable.
  • Possibility to reduce heating costs.  Triple glazed windows are great for use in cold regions.
  • Minimal risk of condensation.

Which is better to choose: double or triple glazing?

In order to choose the right window that meets most of the technical requirements and to not overpay, the buyer needs to take into account several important factors.

 Let’s list them:

  1. Region of residence.  This plays, perhaps, a decisive role in choosing the appropriate option.  In regions with a cold climate, in order to ensure full heat retention, you should choose windows with triple glazing.
  2. Required level of noise protection.  Increased sound insulation of the window structure is required if the window “faces” a street with heavy traffic.  Only a triple-glazed window can provide maximum protection against noise.
  3. The ability of the home to withstand excessive weight loads.  Window openings of multistorey buildings can easily withstand a load of windows, both with double and triple glazed windows.  Whereas the openings of private wooden houses may not always have the necessary margin of safety.  In this case, it is required to calculate the permissible weight load and decide which window is better to install – triple or double pane glass.

What is the difference between a two-chamber and three-chamber glass unit?

  1. Heat protection and sound absorption.  The main idea of ​​the chambers in a double-glazed unit is that the air between the panes serves as an additional barrier to frost.  In this race, no doubt, the triple-glazed unit will win, it is warmer and more energy-efficient.
  2. Safety.  This parameter can be assessed from two sides: the safety of households and protection against burglary.  Windows are safe for others if, when they are broken, as few fragments as possible are formed.  In this situation, everything is clear, the more glasses, the more fragments from them.  Burglary security is a more complex issue.  On the one hand, a triple pane window is much more difficult to break, on the other hand, it puts more pressure on the fittings and quickly makes it unusable, which is why the robbers, most likely, will not even have to break the glass.  They can just break the flap.
  3. Weight.  As already mentioned, a triple-glazed window strongly affects the fittings.  In addition to the fittings, the construction may be damaged.  It can quickly become out of shape.  The only solution, in this case, is a thickened metal insert in the inner part of the frame.

Now we can summarize.  Each of the windows has its disadvantages and advantages.  Plastic windows with triple glazing are perfect for a balcony or loggia.  They retain heat better and will be indispensable for areas with particularly cold climates.  It is better to choose a double glazed window for those who do not need thermal protection or just want to save money.

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