While salary shouldn’t be a deciding factor when determining how good a job is, you want to ensure if you’re studying or aiming for a specific career, then you will reap the financial rewards. However, when entering a career, many people do look at the profits they will acquire if they find a job within the market. With tons of opportunity out there in 2019, it’s no wonder people are reaching for the more lucrative and highly paid jobs. Among many other factors to weigh up, salary remains at the forefront of our considerations, especially those wanting to reach financial stability.

Anyone looking for a salary above six figures should search no further than the careers listed below. All of these careers are sure to need dedication and skill but will provide you with the ability to earn a significant amount, even from the early days. Not only are these jobs based on average salaries across the UK, but also the number of job openings available and the various companies hiring for roles similar to these.


Depending on your level of expertise as a pharmacist, your salary can vary. When you start, you may be a pharmacy assistant who earns an average wage of £16,000. However, after many years of experience, a salary could rise to around £80,000 as a Director of Pharmacy. In the UK, it is a highly sought-after career with minimal students going into the profession from University. It is worth looking at pharmaceutical degrees if you’re interested in the field as it can be a very profitable career. Companies such as Rowlands and the NHS are always actively looking for individuals to fill pharmacy job roles.

Property Investor

Investment doesn’t have a direct salary as technically it isn’t a job, but it does provide financial rewards. If you’re a first-time investor, especially in property, it is always beneficial to seek expert advice. Companies like RW Invest can provide investors with information on the best buy to let areas along with new developments that are sure to make their investment career highly profitable. While property investment does require an initial lump sum of money to start, the more properties you seek an interest in, the more money you’re going to make. Essentially, your income from property investment is endless, since it’s up to you to buy a property and sell it on or rent it out. With the right mindset, you can make thousands of pounds through investing in property.

Front-End Engineer

Through managing intricate website details and building code skills, you can acquire a good salary as a front-end engineer. If you’re able to debug websites, fix coding errors, and create beautifully designed websites, then you may find that your career is highly profitable. While some companies prefer those with degrees, a lot of the time, experience is the key to a successful development career. The average salary starts at around £25,000. However, if you are assigned the head of development at a large corporation, the pay can increase to an average of £100,000. There are hundreds of opportunities available for the right person in the UK. Companies often look for highly skilled and talented individuals to hire, so it’s always good to brush up on your technical knowledge.


As a chartered accountant, you can earn a good income and vastly progress up the career ladder. This is especially true if you’re able to give insightful advice, audit accounts, and provide trustworthy information. Depending on your experience, the salary varies. Starting graduate salaries are around £25,000. However, seniors and directors can earn upwards of £70,000. This is an excellent industry to move into if you know you’ll be great at it and it’s known by many as one of the most profitable careers.

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