Men’s suits are a staple wardrobe piece that can turn any occasion and make you look sleek. Elegant men’s dresses are not just used as business attire, but they are also ideal for formal to casual occasions.

When choosing men’s suits off the rack, it is easy to fall prey to what a sales rep would tell you. But knowing your fashion style or at least having an idea of what will make you look good will always help. Here are four essential tips to use when buying your formal clothing:

Focus on Getting the Best Shoulder Fit

The appropriate jacket fit always starts from your shoulders. This is one styling information most men are not keen on because they see all suits as the same. When buying off the rack, remember that the top seams should always meet where your arms and shoulder meet.

A poor fit will give your suit lumps and wrinkles because they are too loose at the armpit and shoulder’s ends. One good way of knowing if the suit has the right fit is to see if the jacket collar material lies flat against the shirt collar. 

If the shirt collar and the jacket have gaps, it means the suit is too big for your frame. Or if the suit wrinkles inward and gives you a bunch and pucker, the dress is too small.

The Jacket Closure Should be Just Right 

Buying men’s suits from speciality clothing shops and online stores will require you to know your physique and exact measurements. Jacket closure is one essential element when aiming for the right look because it completes your style.

Remember that the jacket’s closure should not have deep and gleaming wrinkles. A slight opening at the suit’s bottoms is always good, but your shirt from under the button should not be visible. Additionally, the jacket should not have a space of more than an inch from your chest when pulled. Otherwise, it is too loose for a good fit.

To test your jacket’s fit, try buttoning the suit up and see if the sides meet nicely. If the jacket is too small, the lapels will dangle forward, and the lower edges flare out.

Never Forget the Sleeve and Jacket Length

One common mistake most men make is not considering the sleeve and jacket length. Your jacket’s body should fall in the middle of your rested knuckles and not below it to create the symmetry.

If you determine the length from a front view perspective, the jacket should end close to the bottom of your pants sippers. Most men’s appropriate length should be just about the wrist bone and about half an inch from the sleeves’ visible shirt cuff.

If you have longer than normal arms and torso, the jacket or sleeve’s length depends on the aesthetics you want to achieve. But it would be best if you always chose the length of the jacket because it cannot be easily modified compared to the sleeve’s length.

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