We all know that traveling with children, especially toddlers, could be a very daunting task. When they are babies, they can be coddled and quieted with a bottle of milk and a pacifier. However, toddlers need maximum attention and care. They are neither young enough to be calmed with a pacifier nor old enough to understand.

In such cases, we have to be absolutely ready to handle their tantrums and fits. This means we have to pack accordingly when travelling with toddlers. So here is an ultimate checklist which helps parents out while traveling with children.

Traveling By Private Vehicle

Traveling with children on personal vehicles may seem like a lesser of a challenge. Even if you have missed out on something while packing, you can always make a pit stop and buy whatever is required. However, it is not practically possible to make pit stops every half an hour.

Especially if you are on a freeway, you will have to wait till the next exit for a pit stop, but your toddler will not wait on throwing a fit! So it is better to keep a few crucial things packed while travelling with a toddler by car.

Diapers, Wipes, Sanitizers, Fresh Towels, Etc.

These are among the most essential things to pack for toddlers. Even when you are traveling by car, sometimes it is not possible to stop the car immediately in case of urgency. So it is better to put on diapers for your toddler, even if he/she is potty trained.

A Water Flask and Few Snacks

Keeping water handy while traveling with kids will literally save our lives. It is also important to keep them hydrated while traveling. It doesn’t hurt to carry a few of their favorite snacks too.

Crayons, Coloring Book, and A Small Set Of Toys

These are also meant to distract the children whenever they are at the cusp of breaking out into a tantrum. Children feel very congested and locked up in cars, and that is why they create a ruckus. Distracting them with coloring books and toys makes them feel like they are at home.

Tablet Holders for Car, Gaming Devices Etc.

These options are for children above 5 years age. A tablet holder for car fixed on the seat in front of them will keep them distracted. They can watch movies or play games on these devices without affecting their posture or hurting their back by bending over these devices.

MP3 Player, iPod Jack For Your Car, Smartphone Stand For The Car

One of the best distractions for both children as well as adults while travelling long distance is music! Load your music player or phone with your kid’s favorite songs, and you are good to go. Keep your car equipped with iPod jacks or a smartphone stand so that you can plug them in and turn on the music without much distraction from driving.

Traveling By Public Transport Like Flights, Trains, Buses, Etc

If traveling with children by a private/ personal vehicle needs this much of packing, then you can only imagine how much better packed you need to be while traveling by public transport! The trick is not in packing a lot of riffs- raffs. It is in packing smartly. Take some time off to sit down and note everything necessary for your toddler. Packing smartly starts with planning smartly.

Diapers, Wipes, Sanitizers, Fresh Towels, Etc.

Just like mentioned above, keeping your toddlers dressed up with diapers couldn’t hurt, especially while traveling. It is safe and reduces much of your time and troubles.

Water Bottles and Snacks For The Ride

Again, it is very important to keep water on our hands while traveling. The snacks that you carry must be a bare minimum, required only for the time of travel. The rest can be bought on arrival at your destination

Paperback Children’s Storybooks

Just carry 2 or 3 of your kid’s favorite books just in case they are unable to sleep on the flight. Reading it could hugely comfort them.

Plastic Feeding Set (Bowl, Spoon, Plate Etc.)

This is purely for hygiene purposes. Both flight food and the dishes they are served in could be very unhygienic for children. So it is safer to carry a lightweight feeding set so that your kids can eat their snacks out of them.

Warm Clothes, Socks, Gloves, Etc.

While traveling by flight or train, we usually overlook the fact that it gets pretty cold in there after a while. The air conditioning could dry out the children’s skin and make them fuzzy. So keep them all warmed up and snuggles into some blankets and warm clothing.

Things You May Need On Arrival

While the packing list mentioned above is only for traveling, you also need to consider packing a few essential items that you may need upon arrival at your destination. As mentioned before, you may think that you can buy whatever is required on arrival. However, what if you do not find what you need immediately? So, better to be prepared.

Packing List To Be Prepared On Arrival

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste and other toiletries for kids
  • Clothes- daywear, nightwear and some fancy clothes
  • Select clothing like bathing suits or warm garments based on the destination
  • First aid kit and medicines for your kids like paracetamol, pain killers, etc.
  • Kids camera to keep them distracted and make them feel like grown-ups
  • A small bag for them to carry their own stuff around.
  • An MP3 player and audio books for them to listen whenever they are bored.


In the case of grown-up children, they have the maturity to understand the situation and can be talked into being quiet. But traveling with toddlers is always much feared!  Tending to their every need is our responsibility and packing with that in mind could help you turn things around, for both your toddlers as well as yourself.

There is so much of advancement in technology that could act as a distraction for people of all age groups! Find the right ones for your toddlers and enjoy your trip!

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