Engagement ceremony is somewhat like a pre-wedding ceremony, which marks the initiation of an official relationship between couples, usually marked by the exchange of engagement rings. This ceremony is usually attended by the family members and the close ones. However, in some communities, it can be a grand celebration as well.

For having the engagement ceremony, there needs to be a proper plan to avoid any kind of last minute glitches in the ceremony. Also, the choices of the bride to be and the groom to be must be given special importance and priority. To start with, choose a date that would be convenient to the couple to get engaged. After having set a mutually decided date for the ceremony, go ahead with exploring different venues for the ceremony. It can be an open ground or a private hall, which also depends mainly on the season and the availability of the venue. Prior booking is very essential as you get a chance to fix upon your ideal place well before hand. Once the date and the venue are decided, it is time to send invites. Since it is the engagement ceremony, you can either invite the guests personally or send them a custom made invitations, whichever is feasible and appropriate.

The next task would be deciding upon the ring, the dress and the jewellery. The current trend for an engagement ceremony is of an Indo- western gown with diamond jewellery. Apart from this, one can opt for traditional outfits and traditional jewellery as well.

You can add surprise elements in the ceremony by having a special dance or song performance for your to-be spouse. You can also buy a special engagement gift. If it is for the lady, check out for some necklace or latest earring designs or a bracelet. For men, you can buy him a nice and elegant broche or a wrist watch.

It is important that all the memories are cherished by all those who attend the ceremony, especially the bride to be and the groom to be. And to capture these memories, hiring a good and professional team of photographers and videographers would be great.

Before you go ahead with deciding upon any of the services, be it the venue, the food, the catering, the make-up, the organizers, the photographers, the musicians or any other service providers, make sure that you take a sample or demonstration to be sure if you would like their work. It would be too risky to go ahead with word of mouth, especially for those who have a specific budget for the ceremony.

While we are at it, it is important that the bride to be and the groom to be have enough time and space to talk to each other and enjoy the whole process of getting engage and late, getting married as it is a once in a lifetime event, and the pressure from families and societies may cause a lot of stress to them. The best man to be and the bride’s maid to be, keep in mind that you take care of them and keep feeding them with positivity, strength and some food as well.

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