Listening to music has numerous benefits, such as a reduction in stress levels, improvement in mood, and more positive wellbeing. Aside from listening to music, creating music and playing an instrument is also beneficial.

Research suggests that playing a musical instrument improves memory, relieves anxiety, and increases self-esteem. One of the best musical instruments is the guitar because it is easy to learn and enjoyable to play. If you are an aspiring musician and looking for an exceptional guitar for beginners, here are some of the best guitar options in the market today.

Classical Guitar

If it is your first time using a guitar, a classical guitar is an instrument that you should consider. A regular guitar might be difficult for a first-timer since steel strings, used in regular guitars, might cause discomfort. A classical guitar uses nylon strings, which are much softer and easier to play.

Another reason why you should consider investing in this type of guitar is if you love classical music. This is because classical music that is played on a classical guitar creates better sounds and more pleasing to the ears, according to an article by The Healthy.

Electric Guitar

If you are fond of listening to jazz, blues, or rock music, and would want to learn how to play these genres, an electric guitar should be your priority. Electric guitars are also relatively easier to play because of a lighter string gauge, wider nut, and a lower fingerboard radius. This is why it is a great guitar for beginners.

You will be able to play fingerstyle with ease, and it is easier to play barre chords, especially when moving between strings and the fretboard. Note, however, that if you decide to invest in an electric guitar, you should also find a quality amplifier. An electric guitar does not have sound holes and will not create sound unless an amplifier is used.

Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar

Acoustic guitars come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. They are categorized based on their design, size, and usage. If you are learning to play the guitar and see yourself being a part of a band in the future, an acoustic dreadnought guitar is worth considering.

Dreadnought guitars have large and broader bodies that are ideal for strumming and for playing in a band. This is because it creates a much louder and fuller sound compared to other traditional guitar options. However, if you want a quieter option for solo playing or better fingerstyle, then you might want to consider a travel guitar instead.

Travel Guitar

A travel guitar is somewhat an opposite of an acoustic dreadnought because of its small size and narrow body. It is ideal for aspiring musicians who love playing music but would not want to be too loud or for those who do not prefer strumming patterns. This guitar is intended for solo playing and is the perfect companion wherever you go.

Another benefit of a travel guitar is that you can bring it anywhere because of its small size, which means you can learn how to play the guitar anywhere. You will no longer miss out on playing the guitar whenever you feel motivated or inspired to create music if you invest in this type of guitar.


Learning how to play the guitar and creating music is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do. It is undoubtedly a worthy activity or hobby to spend your time on because of its benefits and advantages. Check out a reputable seller of guitars today, and start your journey of becoming a better musician.

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