The state of Utah is not very popular among travelers, as it’s located in a difficult terrain, which increases the cost of transport. However, if you decide to travel around America, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the capital of this state – Salt Lake City.

This is a city of contrasts, diversity and surprises. Most travelers come there to admire the fascinating mountains views and explore the rich Mormon culture, but the unique architectural structures are another reason to visit the city. Their number and beauty are simply amazing. What’s more, it won’t take a long time to see them all if you travel by car from Enterprise near Salt Lake City airport. In this case, you can explore all the objects in 1-2 days. Also you can rent a 15 passenger VAN Rental Salt Lake City.

Check out the review of the most meaningful and iconic structures provided in the surrounding area:

Utah State Capitol

According to the canons of American culture, this government building should be located right in Salt Lake, since it’s officially the major destination and the most populous city of Utah.

In fact, the Capitol is the place where various issues related to the life of the state are resolved. However, despite its political importance, most of its territory is open to all travelers, except for days when meetings of heightened importance are held. The Capitol building is located on a high hill, that’s why it can be seen from surrounding areas of the city.

Architect Richard Kletting is the official designer of the Capitol. The building was founded in 1912. However, if in 1852-1856, the U.S. Congress didn’t cut funding for the erection of the engineering project, the Capitol most likely wouldn’t have been built. Until 1912, the City Hall was the major administrative building of the state. But it was too small to accommodate large meetings, so in 1888 several plots were allocated for the construction of the future Capitol.

Salt Lake Temple

More than half of Salt Lake City population consider themselves Mormons. As a result, 22 years after the city was founded, the followers decided to build their own temple.

Externally, the temple resembles a huge building, made in a semi-gothic medieval and Romanesque style. Also, some elements of oriental pagodas and mosques can be seen in it. The highest part of the building is a tower with a 64-meters-high spire, which is crowned with a gold statue of a man.

According to legend, he notifies people about the second coming of Christ to Earth. The height of the statue is about four meters. All other towers are less high and generally similar to each other.

Near the temple there’s a huge prayer hall, where everything is made of wood, including pipes and mechanical parts of the organ. The instrument installed in the prayer house is considered to be the world’s largest organ. Since the hall is designed for 8,000 people, you cannot do without good acoustics, which is why the prayer room was made in the shape of an oval. Thanks to this fact, the indoor acoustics are so good that you can hear any word spoken in every corner of the room.

Cathedral of the Madeleine

This perfectly-looking Roman Catholic Church was built in the city in late 1909 and now it looks as if it’s located in the epicenter of France, and not in deserted Utah. The central facade between two symmetrical towers is especially beautiful: you can see large multicolor stained-glass windows on it.

The authors of the project were the world-recognized architects Bernard Mecklenburg and Carl Neuhausen. The facade of the church can be described as predominantly neo-Romanian, but the interior is more for neo-gothic. The whole construction of this beautiful cathedral took nine years.

The interior of the temple is the embodiment of classic luxury, and was created under the guidance of Joseph Glass. He hired one of the leading architects Theodore Cams, who was a supporter of classical Spanish Gothic and decorated the huge walls of the church with colorful paintings and ornaments.

Salt Lake County Building

The construction began to be built in 1890 in the Richardson Romanesque architectural style. Since 1896, the building was used as the local State Capitol until the erection of the new Capitol was finished.

Perhaps the most prominent detail of the design is a 78-meters-high central clock tower, surmounted by a statue of Columbia. The south part is decorated with a bronze statue of Justice.

The facade of the building is decorated with gray sandstone, richly crowned with carved elements.

The magnificent granite columns on the western and eastern sides of the building reveal spectacular carved images of women pioneers. Also, portraits of significant historical personalities adorn the areas between the portal and the balcony, above the main entrance and the northern part of the building.

The interior of the building is also very attractive. More than 100 rooms are placed on five floors of the building. The floors of each room are lined with onyx inserts.

Summing it up, the architectural beauty of Salt Lake City is amazing and inspiring. Their creators have put their hearts into their design, so that’s why they are so unique. In addition to the 4 buildings mentioned above, the capital of Utah has a large number of interesting places, and you have the opportunity to find them by yourself in order to touch the grandiose history of the city.

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