Is your helmet properly aerodynamic for a cross-country trip? Whether your idea hitting the streets is a jaunt around the neighborhood or a high-speed trip across the country, you need a helmet that is comfortable, safe and aerodynamic. If you’re not sure how to select your pick from the long list of motorcycle helmets for your street bike, here is a quick guide on the in’s and out’s of helmet aerodynamics.

All About Turbulence

Turbulence is the name of the game. The goal of an aerodynamic helmet, or any piece of gear for that matter, is to reduce turbulence, reduce air resistance and improve your speed and comfort.

By the time you pull out of your driveway you’ll already be experience some turbulence. This happens when the airflow across you and your bike creates a dead spot, or a vacuum. This vacuum creates a lot of drag, which can show up in a wobbly ride, backward pull or just a drain on your gas tank.

Of course, turbulence is just part of the story. Poor airflow doesn’t just lead to turbulent rides, it also provides enough resistance to make your neck ache and your gas gauge to complain. You wouldn’t try to sail a boat into the wind, so don’t try to beat air resistance without the right gear.

Smooth and Steady

While every part of your gear and bike contributes to turbulence and your aerodynamics, a quality helmet can dramatically improve your ride. First and foremost, you need a street bike helmet that is smooth. A smooth or gently curved helmet provides maximum airflow over your head. You perched on top of your bike may not be the most aerodynamic thing in the world, but your helmet can do a lot to help air to flow around you easily.

High-Speed Comfort

Try to get a helmet that isn’t just smooth, but also lightweight and comfortable. There’s no use choosing a helmet for aerodynamic reasons, only to find out the lack of padding gives you a headache and a neck cramp.

If you feel your helmet being pulled back during your cruise, it’s a good sign that you may be experiencing drag. Adjust your posture, tuck your head in or consider a new, more aerodynamic design for your next ride.

Hit the Streets Safely

While an aerodynamic motorcycle helmet can improve your gas mileage and comfort, it’s not as important as a safe helmet. When your head connects with something solid, you’ll want a helmet you can trust. Look for Snell, ECE or DOT certification for any street helmet. Turn down even the most aerodynamic design if it doesn’t have some sort of safety certification.

Grab a Helmet Today

Whether your street bike is your daily travel companion or you’re prepping for a long road trip weekend, review your helmet and motorcycle gear to ensure you have the proper aerodynamics. Improving your airflow, decreasing turbulence and choosing lightweight gear can all add to your comfort, speed and enjoyment while on the road. Shop for a new helmet today to keep your street rides comfortable and aerodynamic.

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