We have all been there… ranking our websites on Google Search Engine.

As a webmaster and digital marketing specialist, I have spent years exploring the magnanimous potential of strategic link building in the world of search engine optimization. One thing that I have learned so far is that website rank faster than their respective competitors when you utilize a mix of white hat and black hat SEO link building strategies. You want to see your platform rank at the top on Google, then you have to move out of the box and make efforts that no other digital marketing agency is currently making.

However, while you are experimenting with your hard-wired powerful researches, you should always be aware of one thing… Google is out there on a constant neighborhood watch. With the recent Penguin update, Google has revised its standards and regulations and whoever fails to meet those regulations often find themselves getting penalized. Our customers demand from us quick results and that means attracting traffic from a range of inbound and outbound channels. You can’t certainly attract customers from a wide user base unless you don’t go all the way in with everything you got. In the wake of producing results, we (link building strategists) often find ourselves locked down in a link building spree.

And, we are bound to make mistakes.

Here are some silly mistakes which you should avoid while putting your link building strategy in place.

When it comes to link-building even some of the most proactive SEO specialists may find themselves in a fix. Here are some common and huge mistakes that webmasters can encounter during link building.

You Can Be Penalized If You Don’t Care About the Content Quality

Links which are placed on low-quality content seldom gets clicked. When you are putting in place a thriving link-building strategy in effect, always make sure that you cherry pick your content writers. After all, good content is what the audience is always eager to read.

Some content writers and link building strategist finds the use of authoritative tone and a mix of catchy taglines as the ultimate source of getting clicked the most. Instead, in the wake of marketing their businesses, they often forget that the purpose of the article was meant to sell a solution to a problem, create awareness, guide the audience or maybe humor them.

Users who forget the purpose of writing quality content often falls victim to Google Bots which are always on the watch. Once, they have spotted you and you haven’t changed your publishing practice…

Then be ready as a web spammer service consultant from Google will penalize you any time.

Do You Know You Can Get Penalized by Google for Having a Slow Website?

If one thing that plays a significant role in ranking your website on Google, it is the speed of your website. A good website speed indicates how fast a website responds to the user’s demand to open up a website.

If Google has learned one thing from customer experiences, it is that customer like websites which are quick and responsive. If your website lacks the proper elements to become a speedy web solution, then Google will automatically push down your website content and bring other faster websites over you.

Losing customers is no fun. You worked so hard to create such a crafty design and suddenly you realize that it is not working out for you or your business. Nowadays, nobody has enough time

You Can Get Penalized if Your Content Contains A Pack of Keywords

Do you know how often websites can encounter a penalty issued from Google just because their websites were fluffed with too many keywords? It might sound crazy but yes it has happened before. And, it can happen to you too.

I totally agree with the fact that keywords play an important role in the ranking of your website. What I agree upon more is that keywords are an essential part of the whole SEO Services. But, that certainly does not mean that you insert them everywhere you think you can within your content. Your content needs to make sense and what’s more? It has to connect with the mindset of the audience.

Google is very sharp when it comes to identifying which websites are quickly ranking but contains keyword fluffed content. In case, if Google finds a high amount of keyword stuffing on a particular web domain, it automatically raises a flag on the website. A flag means that if you don’t take necessary actions then your website is getting penalized soon.

You Can Get Penalized Because You Ended up Abusing the Algorithms

We often want to reach towering successes and in order to do that, we often try our level best to trick Google. Just to see our website on the top, we often put high ranking keywords on website pages which aren’t even concerned with those keywords. If Google Bot detects your website, you are in big trouble.

Google find this practice as an abuse of its algorithm and list such practices in the fraudulent category. Moreover, your website can easily get labelled under criminality just because you are offering something totally different than the keywords which you are using on your platform. Many webmasters take advantage of this liberty and put keywords in places where they don’t belong at all.

However, with the latest changes in the regulations of Google, an abuse such as this can lead to a penalty.

You Can Get Penalized For Cloaking Your Website With Dual Content Policy

One engaging practice that many webmasters constantly follows is that they make two types of visit pages and rank it on Google simultaneously. The page that is programmed for a normal user is the original landing page design through which companies market their content. The other one is basically a hoax page used to mislead the Google robot so it can crawl and automatically ranks the website on top.

Now, this practice is a very illegitimate one because developers try to fool the Google robot. Google has now become smart and is capable of detecting these pages. And hence, if you try tricking Google this way, it readily finds out that you are playing a dirty trick on it and will flag your website content then and there. Now, you can sit back relax and wait for a Google Customer Support to reach out and penalize you.

Google penalties are not permanent and they can be reverted back. However, they leave an imperishable impact on the ranking of your website. Your website goes down on the Search Engine Ranking and you will have to start from scratch once again to push the link back up on top. Though, if you can avoid making such silly mistakes as discussed above, then you can be in safe hands.

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