The fashion industry always evolves and there is usually a new invention in the market. Whether we are talking about clothes, footwear, makeup, hairstyle, body proportion you name it there is something new every day. Some even believe we are going back to the 90’s wear. Well, they are not wrong, as people are tweaking the old fashion and then making it to trend.

The same applies when it comes to height increasing shoes; they were there a decade ago. However, they were not liked by many people, since they had a huge sole which made one look weird, but, when technology and creative designs were incorporated into the production, height increasing shoes become a major hit in the fashion industry.

Most celebrities, media personalities, and even politicians have embraced the elevator shoes. Today it’s the new fashion sense that many adore from the young and old. The shoes have a sleek design and a thin sole unlike before. Continue reading this article to discover more. has specialized in the production and selling of Italian luxury elevator shoes. To ensure they meet your needs, the firm allows you to pick out the material, color, and even the desired height. And if you’re confused about the material or design you want they will advise you accordingly. Once this is done the shoe is custom made according to the specification given which guarantees satisfaction.


Many businesses are moving towards the online market which presents them with a large market share. According to research, about 4.57 billion people have access to the internet which translates to 59 % of the world’s population. The figure is expected to grow especially during this pandemic.

To ensure you buy elevator shoes smoothly and swiftly, has moved its products and services online. This means you can easily shop for their products with a click of a button.

No matter where you are in the world you can still shop for the Italian elevator shoes. Plus the shoes come in various sizes which match your normal shoe size. This makes it convenient for you to shop online and the support team is there to advise you accordingly.

Elevator shoes for any occasion     

The firm provides elevator shoes for both men and women and they are fit for any occasion you have in mind. The elevator shoes come in various styles such as loafers, boots, and sneakers, and even dress shoes. This enhances your height and poster making you attractive and intimidating as well.

On the other hand for women, it comes as sneakers, thigh-high boots, and ankle boots. Therefore you can increase your height without feeling any discomfort. Ladies, it’s time to do away with the uncomfortable heels killing your backs. Wear elevator shoes and experience the magic it offers.

Moreover, the shoes are designed with elegance and sophistication to give you a unique fashion sense. Who wouldn’t want to look tall, attractive, and trendy? It’s a confidence boost package you can’t miss out on. Whether you’re looking for sportswear, casual wear, or formal elevator shoes, they’ve got you covered.

GuidoMaggi is headed by Emanuele Briganti who is the king of fashion when it comes to elevator shoes. He has carved a name for himself in the fashion industry and proved his Italian elevator shoes are the best. We’re going to have a sit down with the fashion king to learn more about his brand soon, but first, let’s get you to speed on who he is.

Emanuele Briganti is the CEO and founder of GuidoMaggi Luxury Elevator Shoes. That’s not all, he is also the creative director of the brand. The 39-year-old designer is passionate about his work.

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