There is a wealth of evidence that feeling confident in our looks can change our attitudes and help us in all kinds of ways, from improving our mental health to increasing our earning power and success at work. If you’re able to feel great about how you look, you’ll reap the benefits. But how can we love our bodies, faces, and overall looks?

Work on your mental health

Addressing your self-image and perspective on looks is an essential step, of course. You need to be proactive about your mental health, because no amount of personal beauty can overcome a distorted self-image.

You should care for your mind and consider therapy, which will help you view yourself in a positive way that breeds confidence. And, since confidence makes us more attractive, going to therapy kicks off a virtuous cycle. But there are also tangible things that we each should consider in order to make ourselves more attractive to ourselves and others.

Dress for success

Not everything about our looks relies on our bodies and their physical appearance. What we wear also matters quite a bit! A well-dressed person in clothes that fit and flatter their body type will get a major boost in attractiveness relative to someone who is not dressed as well.

If you haven’t been paying attention to fashion, now is the time to start. Studies show that well-dressed people enjoy the mental health and confidence boosts that come with looking their best, and we know that your style of dress matters at work, on dates, and in other important situations. So learn the basics of style and invest in clothes that you’ll love wearing, because It makes a real difference!

You are what you eat (and drink, and do)

Beauty is more than just skin deep. In fact, many of the most important beauty traits that we seek out are directly related to our physical health.

Since beauty is so tied up with our health, we can actually improve our beauty by improving our health. We look thin, athletic, healthy, and have great skin when we actually are healthy, which means that diet and exercise are as important to your looks as they are to your inner health.

Focus on holistic health. Don’t starve yourself to trim your waistline, because that’s bad news for your skin, hair, and other beauty essentials that rely on great nutrition. Eat whole foods, especially vegetables, and make sure that you’re getting the macronutrients and micronutrients that you need. Stay active with an exercising hobby that you love enough to make a habit, and get proper sleep. A healthy lifestyle makes a world of difference to your physical appearance.

Consider plastic surgery

Some people never consider plastic surgery. If they do, they think of it as being different from other health and beauty solutions. But this is neither accurate nor fair, and those who understand the impact that plastic surgery can have are giving themselves a big beauty advantage.

Really, plastic surgery is not much different than other forms of medical care and dental services that can help both your health and your looks. Plastic surgery can be subtle and elegant, according to the professionals at one Westchester plastic surgery center. It can help you take the edge off features that you despise or augment features you love. It can be a godsend for those whose looks have been harmed by accidents or other medical procedures.

And good plastic surgery can boost your self esteem and make a huge difference in your mental health, which makes it a sound and healthy choice as well as a great beauty strategy.

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