Established in 1819, the former British colony of Singapore is today one of the most prosperous countries in the world. This blend of European and Asian migrants has resulted in producing a fascinating multicultural metropolis with an array of spectacular attractions, of which seven are highlighted here.

So what are you waiting for? Book your flights to Singapore to enjoy these unique, fun-filled attractions for the entire family –

  1. Venture into Nature

A first of its kind in Asia, the Rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo opens up a new experience by way of a multi sensory night walk through ten different rainforest  zones. This immersive Zoo interaction allows visitors to see the sights of the Zoo when it’s inmates are fast asleep. A perfect activity for all ages, especially after a hard day in the city.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

This iconic bestseller is right on top of the bucket list of almost every  traveler to Singapore. The gardens, conservatories and the latest addition the Sun Pavilion feature some of the most incredible structures ever erected by man. Attractions here include the Supertree Grove and the tallest indoor waterfall. Full value for money for adults and children alike.

  1. Just for kids

Situated on Palawan Beach Sentosa, KidZania is just for the kids ask for. From flying an aeroplane to performing surgery, children are imparted some of the most valuable skills which will come in handy in their lifetime. A fully educational experience, even for the parents.

  1. A palate of fusion at The Riverwalk

If you want to taste the cuisine of different races and cultures, head to the Riverwalk at Riverside Point and enjoy live crabs being specially cooked for you in a mix of Asian spices. Make sure you try out the Boston Lobster, brewed for six hours in premium pork and pig skin.

  1. Go beyond the screen at Universal Studios.

A visit to the Universal Studios is certain to indulge the fancy of every movie buff. This is the place to experience fabulous theme rides and watch shows based on the favourite blockbuster film of your choice like, The Transformers or even Puss in Boots. The ticket for admission includes a meal voucher redeemable at the Pizza Parlor and the Starbot Café.

  1. Enjoy the unique DUCKtour experience

This extra special 60 minutes adventure aboard a WWII amphibious war craft of Vietnam, allows you to view the historical landmarks of Singapore in a different perspective.This original DUCKtour is a winning Singapore Tourism attraction, which is in operation since more than fifteen years. The highlight of the trip is the splash in the water like a duck for a picturesque view of the harbour area.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

Rising 57 stories above the level of the ground, the iconic Sky Park observation deck atop the Marina Bay Sands towers is a must for those wanting to see the skyline of the city from a bird’s eye view. This popular landmark 200 m above the city, provides spectacular views of the Supertree Grove and the Gardens of the Bay and right up to the Singapore Strait in the distance. During sunset, be prepared to take some unbelievable photos to impress the friends and families back home. Later on, descend to the event Plaza on the first floor to witness the nightly Spectra Light and Water Show.

Despite its size and rather modest beginning from a small fishing village, the Singapore of today is a marvelous modern nation. What’s more, sometimes you can easily find great deals and cheap Singapore airlines flights which won’t break the bank.

So if you are seeking adventure and some heart pumping fun, simply take time out to visit the attractions of the Merlion Park city.

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