Earrings are one of those jewellery that girls can’t do without. No outfit is complete without earrings. But why does it count as such a necessary piece of jewellery? Is it just the fashion and playful aspect or is there more to this. We will uncover all its scientific reasons and various types of earrings that you can experiment with.

Besides adding a charm to your face, the ears contain the nerves that connect to the eyes and to reproductive organs (only for females). Wearing gold earrings causes friction and helps improve eyesight. Moreover, wearing earrings also have an acupuncture effect on the body. That is why wearing earrings are recommended both for women. Pierced ears also aid in menstrual problems.

Ears are also said to have the ‘Hunger Point’. Wearing a pair of earrings works on these hunger points and ensures your food cravings are kept in check as well as your weight.

There are various types of earring designs – stud, dangle, hoop, jhumka, sui dhaga, ear cuff, chandelier and tassels.

Studs are tiny earrings that sit on your earlobes. They are petite and make a great daily wear option. A special type of stud earring is solitaires. Solitaire earrings may or may not have a fancy cut but a single gemstone or diamond in the design. Coloured earrings make quite jewellery in complementing the look.

Dangle earrings extend way beyond the earlobes and can vary for simple daily wear designs to fancy occasional wear stuff. Likewise, they can either be lightweight or heavy designs based on your requirements.

Hoop earrings are loop earrings that can be either worn to complete a formal meeting look or a fun outing with friends look.

Jhumka: Jhumkas have a cone-like shape that is decorated with gold or colourful gemstone to add a very vibrant and poppy look to the earrings. The smaller versions of jhumkas are known as jhumkis which is a perfect accompaniment for daily ethnic wear outfits.

Sui dhaga are these fancy back earrings wherein the back side of the earring is a golden thread that keeps the design in front balanced.

Ear cuffs are studs or dangle in front and have a fancier and decorated cuff that fits from behind. You can wear the simple stud for the day and slip on the detachable part for the after party.

Chandelier earrings look just like a chandelier; they get tapered towards the end and are perfect for faces with a broad base like a rectangle. They make the perfect party wear jewellery.

Tassels in fine jewellery are a bunch of chains clubbed together or adjacently to form an earring. They can either have the design in front or at the back – pick anyone that suits you.

While picking up daily wear earrings for yourself, go for gold earrings. Gold jewellery does not react with the skin and looks quite fancy and posh for everyday wear. Besides, gold is worn on the upper part of the body and silver on the lower part of the body because gold reacts with the body’s energy while silver reacts with the earth’s energy.

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