While it’s a little harder to find a good vendor of shipping containers in California, it’s not impossible. There are certain websites that can actually help you find the right place in order to get refurbished and new ocean containers for sale in California delivered right to your business or front door at your residence. Why would you want to do this you ask? Well there are many reasons.

Office Space

There are numerous people who have been converting Conex Shipping containers (also known as Cargo containers) into homes and offices across the globe. By converting these into buildings, you can literally make everything from self-efficient tiny houses, all the way to reliable office spaces that can even be mobile when necessary.


Both business and personal storage options are excellent reasons to have a shipping container. Some people have even created their own businesses after getting one or two, then deciding later on to get a lot more, thus making a storage business of their own. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent way to keep your products (as a business), or even your own personal storage. And what’s even better, you can buy them used for a fraction of the price if you were buying a brand new one.

Home Building

As mentioned earlier, you can make homes out of these, sure, we covered that. But there are some people who go even further and use all of the material from these to build large custom homes that are worth millions in other parts of the world. What’s even more important, the material is well insulated, and can keep the elements out better than standard raw materials which actually cost more.

How to Find a Shipping Container

When it comes to finding refurbished and new shipping containers, you can easily do so online by going to the right vendor site and just searching for it. All you have to do at websites like Shipped.com is enter the city and state where you’re wanting the shipping container delivered, and they’ll find a place that is closest to you in order to get one.

Part of the Green Movement

Buying and re-using shipping containers is actually a great way to conserve natural resources and join the fight in the green movement that is widespread today. By using shipping containers, you can actually cut costs, as well as help the environment by getting these old cargo containers off of giant lots where they’re just sitting and not being used on the harbor, only to eventually be thrown away again. And what’s even more important, they’re yours to do whatever you want with them!


Shipping containers are a great alternative to many storage options that are available and you can find many of them online. One important thing to do is make sure they are inspected and certified, and this is something you can have done when you purchase one, especially when you use vendors like Shipped.com.

They have representatives that will ensure that your ordered product is inspected, certified with a seal of approval, and can even be licensed if need be in order to pass many regulations that are in place. You can even choose to have them relocated when you move, and if you are needing one that you want to make payments on, there are often rent-to-own options you can choose from as well (with rules you have to follow of course).

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